Today’s Power Move

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Today the Sun and Jupiter are conjunct in Aquarius while Moon is in Libra. These two signs in combination represent social justice, liberty, personal and group relationships, salvation for the world, generosity, and deep concern for others.

More specifically, Sun and Jupiter are also in the Nakshatra of Shatabhishak and the Moon in Swati.

Swati is the self-going star, the one seeking its own destiny and the freedom to move anywhere. It has the power to scatter obstacles like the wind. It’s symbol is a single shoot of a newly sprouted plant—full of life and flexible enough to move in order to weather the winds of change. The Moon here frees the mind for creative ideation that brings gains in all activities where we put the interests of the many first.

Swati works jointly with Shatabhishak as both are ruled by Rahu, the shadow planet that clings to the world and left to its own devices greedily scoops up every material thing in its path. But turn its power toward the heart and it includes everyone in the desire for growth, abundance, and unity. More importantly it can provide material resources for great works.

Shatabhishak is the star of the hundred physicians, divine healers whose combined energies are able to effect healing through inclusiveness and support, easing loneliness and directing social and community efforts toward lasting peace and harmony (are the diplomats listening to this?).

Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius combine the light of life and truth under Shatabhishak’s healing energy in the house of generosity toward all. Moon in Libra inspires the mind toward more just sharing of wealth and equal respect for all life.

All that is required to change the world is for each person to show kindness and inclusion toward someone who is hurting, who has been silenced or shackled, who we might normally avoid, in a spirit of self-sacrifice to bring about greater good. It’s an action that requires only the willingness to act independently and take the first step. It’s good to do any day, but today is especially auspicious for offering of your means and strength to others.

Aquarius, under Saturn’s rule, will multiply kindness shown eleven-fold, like pouring healing waters on a desert. Life blossoms with small acts of generosity, love, and kindness repeated over time. Will you make a big start by taking a small step today?

Shanti, shanti, shanti!

Fixed Signs — Stability, Preservation, Neutrality, Endurance

Today provides an opportunity working with the stable, eternal phase of the four elements (fire, earth, air, water). The Moon in Leo (fixed fire sign), Sun in Aquarius (fixed air sign), Rahu in Taurus (fixed earth sign) and Ketu in Scorpio (fixed water sign) involve the two luminaries and two shadow planets holding up the four quadrants of the zodiac.

This placement brings the benefits of strong forms that give consistency to activities under their influence. The opportunity to develop faith, protect truth, and strengthen the foundations of life is the dominant positive opportunity.

The opposite side of the moment is inertia, resistance, and the negativity that comes from clinging to outdated thinking, unnecessary possessions, repressive traditions, and unevolved actions that create selfish divisions.

Using this time to develop initiative and try new ways of thinking and acting that break negative, fearful, and selfish ways of being by transforming our thoughts toward acceptance of responsibility for past difficulties, gratitude for lessons learned, and selfless acts of service toward others to stop the decay of stagnation wherever it erodes truth.

If our beliefs create division, fear, aggression, selfish action, exclusion, or violence, then sustaining them over time hurts everyone.

Moon in Leo can cool the fires of anger and replace them with nurturing warmth like a hot beverage on a chilly day. Sun in Aquarius spreads a warm breeze across the whole world, seeking to wrap everyone in shared love and light. Rahu in Taurus invites us to see past confusion and chaos and find practical, simple truths by speaking only when our minds are clear, calm, and firm in the safety of communion. Ketu in Scorpio helps us to see beyond material gain and physical pleasure and into the deep, restorative ocean of universal possibilities for growth and ripening of the fruits of love.

No matter what houses are affected in your personal chart, you always have a choice in how you respond to the day and it’s energies. Do what you can to stand firm in the right, release the wrong, and study the in-between until the light of truth clarifies it. If that is too much, then rest, knowing that for this moment, the stability and continuation of the world will carry you through the day.

Punarvasu and Your Calendar

Water for Renewal

Every Friday a reminder in my calendar prompts me to water the houseplants. If I fail to look at the calendar each plant has its own way of reminding me. The orchid drops a petal. The bamboo leaf tips dry out. The succulents wrinkle and the dirt in which they are planted pulls away from the sides of the pot. The cyclamen is most dramatic, it faints, two dozen blossoms falling over, dragging their stems with them.

Once watered, the orchid’s lavender color darkens and the green stem expands, the bamboo leaves thicken, the succulents become smooth and fill their pots, and the cyclamen stems miraculously lift themselves from the rim, raising the drooping petals to unfurl in the light.

This is the power of renewal, the living Shakti of rejuvenation as is seen in the Nakshatra of Punarvasu, where today’s Moon visits.

Renewal is a constant process in nature, and as our bodies are natural products they are subject to the same forces as the plants. We wither when dry, cold, or held in darkness, and denied the attention and nourishment of life giving elements. But unlike plants, we have it within us to provide the essential nourishment for renewal, or if we lack some measure of this, we have the ability to ask, to seek, and for those of us with an abundance of healing substance, to give.

When the Moon visits Punarvasu we are reminded of this ability, but like the Moon, which never settles in one house for long, we may feel stirrings of restlessness that color our ability to give and receive so that the full bloom of humanity isn’t achieved. Being able to apprehend this means we also can act intentionally to change it.

My encouragement to myself and to you is to check your calendar often. Who in your life has dropped a blossom, grown wrinkled, dipped toward the earth due to weakness, or fainted for lack of healing water? What will you do for another today? Will you give selflessly to bring more balance to the distribution of the elements of life?

Related Work

In addition to my work as an astrologer, it’s also my great privilege to be associated with Book Oblivion, an online company where we read, study, and discuss great works of philosophy, rhetoric, and literature.

I’ve been an instructor, working with owner and founder Jessica Schad Manuel since 2018. My first course, The Himalayas of Literature, in its fourth year, has continued to grow from the original six titles: Infinite Jest, The Waves, Recognitions, Gravity’s Rainbow, 2666, and Finnegans Wake.

This year we are reading Salman Rushdie’s novel Shame all through February and in October/November we will study Eknath Eswaren’s Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living.

For more information on The Himalayas of Literature original course see the links below:

Hari Om!

February 6, 2022

Ashwini — Quickly, Quickly

By the time most read this post the Moon will have completed this period’s transit through the first of its houses, Ashwini.

For me, each monthly passage through Ashwini marks a period of renewal of faith—faith in my life and purpose, faith in the need to offer what aid or comfort I may be able to bring to the world, faith in the unity of some unknowable force that exists outside of the senses that led to the organization of matter from energy to form the universe.

It’s a time to resolve to better appreciate all the gifts of life and to use them to sustain the eternal nature—call it Divine, loving, compassionate, untainted by any need for any one of us, but utterly dependent on all of us as we are the fruit of the laws that sustain the epic cycles of creation and dissolution. I don’t say destruction because nothing really can ever be destroyed.

The substance of everything is energy, motion, movement. Slow the energy down and it clumps into matter. Speed it up and it eventually flies apart in smaller and smaller bits moving faster and faster until it is pure, invisible energy with no attachment to any one thing but containing the potential to become everything.

To be a conscious entity with some degree of freedom to appreciate the universe fills me with both awe and gratitude.

Ashwini is the star of transport. It contains the power to quickly reach a goal or objective. It’s action in the unconscious realms of existence is to bring the raw potential for remedies that cure any physical, mental, or spiritual difficulty, illness, injury, or loss. And in the conscious realm it uses all of us to deliver the remedies to those in need.

We are a community, a unity, made from and connected over time and space to everything. In every way, what we think, say, and do moves us nearer to bringing about this universal awareness to every living thing. Grass knows it without our needing to speak, using seeds to start a new plant that then growing underground via rhizomes to spread as far as water and soil allow. Not as individual blades, but as the topmost layer of a networked underground community of plant and animal life that coexists in complete harmony for as long as sunshine and water permit.

We are in an important period of transition where we are being challenged to grow like grass, in harmony with the world, both feeding on it and giving back to it.

The English poet John Donne said none of us is an island. We are all part of the world body. When the body grows ill, so do we. When the body is strong, so are we. Quickly, quickly now, remember this and bring the healing remedies back to consciousness to share them with everyone.

New Moon in Shravana

New Moon — Listen, listen well…

The new moon in Shravana Nakshatra represents the best of Rama Yoga, the practice of single pointed focus. And the point is clear, to listen.

Shravana is the Learning Ear, and it requires that we grow still, silent, and tune our inner ear toward the outer as much as possible today. The Ego-mind won’t like this. The Ego-mind is that which forms from desire born from sensory experience. It takes in data from the material world, feeds it to the intellect, and then does its best to impose order, logic, and reason on what is almost always a noisy, chaotic, messy dump of sensation.

When the Ego-mind and intellect get together and sift something pleasurable from the chaos, we want more of it. When the result is pain, we want to push it away as fast as possible. All of this is based on outward sensation. Meanwhile, the unconscious, shadowy nature that is at least half of our personality, is looking slant-eyed at the Ego for ignoring the needs of the inmost self, the part that stands at the precipice of the infinite and eternal field of all creation.

Shravana, the Divine ear, with the Dark Moon filling the space, asks and empowers us to turn off the intellect for awhile, to let the Ego play in the muck without acknowledging it, and to shut out the world so we may hear the inner voices of ancient truths and deeper wisdom. Under a new moon, these voices are seeking a path to one place, a place of connection to all of life. The reunion of those torn asunder by desire, by differing attitudes of pleasure and pain, by an Ego grown so large that the hidden nature and truth of our being is completely blocked and even forgotten. Today there is an open channel for everyone.

The Ego wants only to hear what others think about us, so it can be puffed up by the compliments and seek to avenge every word spoken against us without regard for the truth of the speech. By turning inward, we hear the voice of that from whence we came and are forever part of.

Please do this loving act for yourself and by yourself. Sit quietly alone someplace quiet. Close your eyes and draw your hearing inward. Shut out the traffic, the sounds of nature, the voices of those around you. Next, close off the voices of the ego, the I want, I’m bored, this is a waste of time, by focusing instead on looking inward. Focus your consciousness on one of the Chakras — base of the spine, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, or crown of the head — and silently chant a sacred word — Om, Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, Peace, Love, Kindness— whatever has meaning for you — it’s not a religious rite, it’s acknowledgement of our inner light and the energetic origin and continuation of our life. And then listen, whether for five minutes or an hour, be still and listen for the universe within to answer.

Connection through listening is the object of the work.

Hari Om!

Today — Light a Candle

Today’s Moon — January 30, 2022

The Moon is nearing its fully dark phase (overnight January 31 and February 1) and is presently in the Nakshatra Purva Ashadha in Sagittarius. Jupiter and Venus are planetary rulers for this placement. Venus has just come out of retrograde and there is potential for increased comfort and some easing of old resentments. Purva Ashadha, the “Invincible Star,” at this stage is likely to stimulate the unconscious mind and reveal hidden talents and ambitions.

Under the influence of expansive Jupiter and discerning Venus this is a time of opportunity, to combine reason with the unconscious irruption and see that these talents contain the duality of the soul. Like radioactive ore capable of nuclear fission, we may choose to use our gifts to build power plants or bombs, to bring light and hope as truth or destroy ourselves in an instant.

All of this energy exists on the cosmic and individual level, but the product of collective individual action ultimately determines the effects we will experience. By choosing light every time, little by little we can alter the divisive trends that threaten our civilization.

Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, all humanity is united by our potentials for good or ill. The original sin in the Christian theology was a minor dalliance compared to the atrocities to be laid at our feet in recent centuries and ongoing to the present.

Seize the day, discover a hidden ambition or talent, filter it through the best of who you are and let it emerge as love for humanity with the new moon. See how those around you notice and over time begin to echo the love and compassion you demonstrate. These small decisions by individuals light the candles that can forever banish darkness.

The Darkening Moon

Moon in Vishakha — The Star of Purpose

The moon entered its last quarter phase today, the dark of the moon cycle where the light on our mind and emotions fades as the luminary of night recharges. For many, this is a period of dreams, the mind freed from the spotlight of the most prominent watcher of sleep opening its deep rooms and allowing the denizens of the unconscious to roam.

This is a fearful experience for many, both children and adults, but like everything in life it contains the seed of an opportunity. Carl Jung wrote that for many of us, life is ruled by desires that we seek to fulfill by acts of will. This is the exercise of the Ego Consciousness and is particularly strong in our century as the dominance of science, reasoning, and technology have banished pure imagination, fantasy, and spiritual thinking to the realms of occultism, metaphysics, and pseudoscience, practices that are “entertaining” but otherwise disdainful for practical living.

Only when the lights go out, when we are caught in unavoidable darkness, as in the midst of a wildfire outbreak, tidal wave, tornado, terrorist attack, outbreak of war, or other natural or man made disaster do we sincerely turn to that hidden wisdom that often begins with prayer. I know this is not true for everyone, but as faith and dogma have become commercialized, commodified, and politicized in the service of power, it is more fashionable to be almost anything other than the unconditional lover of all things, labeling nothing as good or evil, but as equal in the eyes of whatever word suits your taste for the invisible, eternal force that enables energy and matter to form a universe and fill it with light.

This failure to acknowledge our hidden nature and to study and use it as well as we do our willpower diminishes us as individual travelers through life. Absent creative imagination and faith in the power of unity and love to bring us out of the darkness, our individuality too often vanishes as we surrender our critical, discerning minds to dogma, advertising, hype, and fabrication cloaked in a flag or other symbol of power. We get swept up in mass movements that like a roaring avalanche sweeps aside or crushes everything in its path running headlong toward the furthest point it can see. All the while, it has no idea what it will do when it arrives, only that it is strongest and first.

Vishakha has the shakti of Vyapana, the ability to “make manifest and achieve many fruits of life.” Will alone will not manifest anything. Will can only manipulate what already exists, and that only in a limited way. To make manifest in this case is to bring to the senses through understanding, to know through perception and thought. Thought that leads to knowing and understanding begins in the archetypes of the unconscious, the primeval lights of evolutionary consciousness, the forces of instinctive behavior brought to the surface and integrated under our control.

Control becomes important with these inherent powers. They are not from our senses but from our cellular memories and can be quite wild, even animalistic. Here is where Ego boldly claims to have power to help, but in truth, it has no experience with anything outside of the senses. Control of the unconscious comes from the unconscious and beyond. Every dark shade lingering in our sleeping depths has a compensatory light. This light transforms fear to acceptance, anger to forgiveness, and selfishness to service. In the grip of negativity the experience of reversal is not an act of will but of a power that arises from beyond our awareness, through us. The experience is so sudden and the reversal so dramatic that it can seem as if a light has literally come on within us.

This is Vishakha’s power, and the desire it fills is to become like God, not some abstract dictator shouting thou shalt and thou shalt not, but the force of love, pure and without any condition except that we invite it into our lives. To live as Buddha, Christ, Gandhi and other rare individuals have, so sure of the truth within that no external desire can shake us from who we truly are.

These are things to think about and dream on as we move into the dark of the moon.

Moon in Chitra — Star of Opportunity

Moon in Chitra — Carpe Diem

Chitra is the Star of Opportunity, ruled by Mars and stretching from the latter part of Virgo and into Libra. It’s animal symbol is the female tiger, bringing both protection and nourishment to her dependents.

With Mercury’s quick intelligence from Virgo and Venus’s high standards, love of beauty, and seeker of balance in Libra, opportunities abound for recalibrating your life.

How are you doing on your goals?

Have the resolutions you made at New Year been forgotten or carried you forward?

Whatever you hope to accomplish this year, Mars, as Chitra’s ruler impels you to act. Today is the last waning gibbous day of the current cycle. Beginning with 3rd quarter tomorrow the Moon will be in it’s dark phase, resting and recharging, so if you want to begin anew, today is the best for the next ten days.

Seize the Day is an adage that can get you going. Repeat it as soon as you awake, before you head out into your daily activities, and any time you feel your energy flag.

Your days are finite. Every one is precious. Today is now, don’t let it slip through your hands. I feel engaged! Make it so for you, too.

Om Chundraya Namahah

Moon Journal — a controlled harvest

Moon Journal — January 20, 2022

All day Friday the Moon, four days past full but still at 92.5% brightness, is in Purva Phalghuni Nakshatra. Entirely within Leo, this Nakshatra is ruled by lustful and fierce Venus. Those of us raised in the West may think of Venus as delicate, feminine, perfumed, and sweet in her beauty and desirability. But in the early Vedic stories, Shukra was male, a ferocious and duplicitous warrior who discovered the ability to split himself in two, sending one half to serve the god Shiva and the other to serve the demon rulers.

Shukra was a fierce warrior with several wives and many children. As far as human affairs, he controlled beauty, love, riches, luxury, and sexual relations, increasing both pleasure and fertility. In Sun-ruled Leo, a strong Venus influence stimulates creativity and increases the likelihood of fructification of all life-enhancing activities.

Weak-minded and impulsive individuals may succumb to intemperate and base urges during this passage. As with nearly all of life’s challenges, a clear purpose, meditation to calm the mind and body, and finding the source of energy in the body allows for more purposeful direction or restraint.

Hari Om! Om Cham. Namahah.