A Quick Remedy for Troubled Times

When faced with emotional difficulties brought about by the tension between how we think life ought to be and how it really is most of us look around for effective, quick relief. The present concentration of planets in Capricorn and Aquarius, under the influence of a Kala Sarpa yoga, with exalted Mars at war with Venus, and the New Moon leaving nearly everyone vulnerable to delusions, illusions, and dark imaginings is particularly fraught with peril for most minds. For those experiencing Sade Sati or Saturn returns it has an extra measure of “Why me?” Sauce on the side.

Here is a simple suggestion based on the need to help change occur in order to ease the pressure.

Look at the Nakshatra of your natal Rahu. It gives clues to desires, actions, powers, and actions necessary to fulfill the karmic potential of your life. Take a little time to reflect on what is open to do and use right now, even the most mundane acts, and find one that will benefit others. Make that project the focus of the next few days with the intention of bringing the fruits of your work into the world for the benefit of other people.

Here’s an example: my Rahu is in Hasta which has the Shakti power to bring the goals of desires into my hands. This is good for nearly all creative activities as long as I keep my ego in check. This led me to undertake some home renovation work I’ve procrastinated on for several years that once completed will be a source of comfort and relief to my wife. Clearly I will benefit from having these items finished but my intention is to please her and all those who visit our home in the future.

It’s been an experience that is physically challenging, requires a lot of focus as it involves power tools, and has unexpected difficulties because that’s the nature of working on old buildings. But it has also given me an outlet for pent up energy, aggressive behavior, and provided a cooling down period of solitude for my emotions.

Every Nakshatra has similar potential. If you don’t know where your Rahu is located you can also use its current placement to inspire your actions. These will be perhaps more directly linked to benefitting the greater world.

Rahu is currently in Krittika. This Nakshatra favors purifying activities such as cutting ties with negative objects in your life (items that arouse negative emotions in you should be dealt with first by donating or throwing them away. Don’t sell them unless you donate the proceeds). It’s also good for cooking and sewing for others, drumming, shaving, and all cutting activities so long as the intention and benefit helps other people (shaving your hair in solidarity with someone undergoing chemo for instance).

Activities that generate heat and light are also excellent. This might include cutting firewood for a neighbor, helping an underserved population with electric or gas bills, or giving flashlights or space heaters to a local shelter. The key here is to act with focus and beneficial intention, and to see the project through.

Any time your emotions are running hot you can use these techniques. If more people took positive action instead of investing their energy in complaining we would bring about a shift in human consciousness and a turn toward kindness that has been seeking birth for many years.

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