Vishakha, Living in Color

Today the Moon in Vishakha, the Star of purpose, favors being open to new and potentially life enhancing ideas. Perhaps this is your first time reading this blog or you’re curious about Jyotish but need an entry point.

Earlier I wrote several posts on keeping a Moon Journal. You can scan back or email me at for free instructions if you’d like to give that a try.

Here’s a second idea that is more remedial, especially if you have particular days each week that are challenging or you want an extra boost on your best days. And it’s all about color!

Every day of the week has a planetary ruler that the ancient Vedic Rishis (sages) would make offerings to. These would be in the form of gems, fabric, food items, herbs, or creative expressions of mantra, chant, or art.

Each planet has colors that best reflect its nature and doing some simple acknowledgement of that each day can help align your energy with the benefic aspect of the planet. It has no downside and at a minimum it can help in deciding what to wear if you happen to have that particular affliction.

The easiest is to add an item with planet du jour’s favorite color. A blouse, t-shirt, scarf,or whole outfit can draw the light of subtle planetary energy to you. Think of it as aligning magnetic poles so they attract rather than repel.

Try this for a month. Track your day overall as more or less rewarding than normal based on the day of the week. Even a slight improvement should be noted as the project builds over time. Also, the week after the new moon will generally produce a much stronger effect. And after you’ve done this for a month, you will likely feel that color energy even if you don’t wear it. But please, if it helps, take my encouragement to keep it up, if you don’t have every color yet shopping in pursuit of personal growth can be fun! Also, it’s a good idea to avoid the opposite of a daily color on a given day.

Here are the Days, Planets (Sanskrit name), and Colors. Have fun with this!

Sunday, the Sun (Surya) Bright Red, Orange, or Gold

Monday, the Moon (Chandra), White, Pale Pink, or Pale Blue (not sheer! Moon is modest!)

Tuesday, Mars (Kuja or Mangala), Darker Red

Wednesday, Mercury (Budha), Earth tones of muted Green, Brown, Blue, or Gray

Thursday, Jupiter (Guru or Brihaspati), Bright Yellow, Orange, Gold

Friday, Venus (Shukra), Rainbow, Pastels, Light Blue, Pink, floral prints and sheer fabrics are best.

Saturday, Saturn (Shani), Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Charcoal, Black, nothing bright!

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