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Understanding your Vedic Natal Chart opens your mind to benefits and limitations that have been with you since birth. Seeing how these energies manifest unconsciously will empower you to better exercise your free will in order to succeed within your limitations and maximize gains from your strengths.

The Lagna Reading forms the foundation of all others and is the best place to begin your journey into this ancient and powerful practice. The Lagna chart contains your individuality and marks the way to your eternal connection to all of creation.

To schedule a reading, email me directly at the address below.

All Readings, $195 for up to 90-minutes / $195 USD

Includes Natal Reading (Birth Chart), Annual Readings, Special Timing for Life Events, or General follow-up to all charts.
Initial Reading must include Natal Chart if not previously complete by me. This is the basis for all other readings.

Happenings in the life of an individual on the basis of the time and place of birth are examined through Jyotish. By correlation to the movement of the Vedic planets against the background of fixed stars, the individual discovers deeper meaning in life and all the actions associated with it. By seeing the stars and planets as mirrors of fate rather than creators of it, acts of individual free will may be undertaken at auspicious moments with a higher probability of success.