Space and Time

Current Transit Over Natal Chart

The origin of astrology points to humankind’s discovery of the relationship between space, time, matter, and energy. One of the key principles is nothing material remains the same. When it comes to consumer products, it shows us that nothing will last forever.

Today I took the car in for an oil change and tire rotation. Looking at my chart, it was clear that the possibility of needing to have more work done was strong. And since I was working with finite matter, an older car (2014 Kia), I realized there would be no avoiding it if I wanted to safely make a planned long road trip next week.

The details from my birth chart with transits and active planetary periods (Dashas and Bhuktis) follow.

Vehicles are found in the fourth house, Scorpio in my chart. Scorpio represents hidden workings of energy, a mysterious sign that thinks in absolutes of helpful or not. If something shows up here, best to deal with it now because it won’t get better without action.

I have Jupiter in that house (a significator planet for vehicles) and Ketu has recently moved within one degree of Jupiter in its sign of exaltation. This indicates sudden change and can have close ties to technology.

Saturn in my birth chart is in a Jupiter-ruled sign. Saturn causes separation, difficulty, and is associated often with iron, the mineral that becomes steel and forms the chassis of most automobiles. Saturn is currently in transit of my 6th house of losses due to accidents, so neglecting its influence could bring about real difficulties in driving an unsafe vehicle.

My Dashas in order are Rahu (matter based focus), Saturn (already discussed) Moon ( currently in opposition to the 4th house and in Krittika Nakshatra where clearing of obstacles is called for),Saturn, and finally Jupiter (the lowest Dasha level, running from late last night until late tomorrow night).

The Ketu/Saturn multiple influences on Jupiter plus the Dasha period points to 4th house challenges (vehicles). The Moon is involved and both rules and is in my 12th house of expenses with a natal aspect of Jupiter and a transit aspect from Saturn. 12th house is an indicator of heavy expenses.

What’s the bottom line? $1637 bill to get the car road ready was both necessary and reflected in planetary movements. This is astrology at the most mundane level. A system that can drill down to this degree for something so trivial against the scope of the bigger concerns we all feel is worth a look for any important matter in life.

A capable astrologer can provide information and guidance for anyone willing to listen to hidden wisdom. Reality isn’t always pleasant but seeing universal law in action can make the acceptance of it a less bitter pill to swallow. On a mundane level for both positive and negative events in time, it affirms the unity of matter in the energetic universe.

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