Bhagavad Gita Course (see previous post)

Bhagavad Gita Background from the Mahabharata Epic 1. The Kauravas are the blind king Dhritarashtra and his 100 sons. 2. The Pandavas are Dhritarashtra’s younger brother Pandu and his five sons. 3. Seeking to possess all of the ancestral property, formerly shared between them, the Kauravas challenged the Panduvas to a rigged game of dice.Continue reading “Bhagavad Gita Course (see previous post)”

Introduction to Vedic Astrology – Section 1

See the previous post BUILDING A FOUNDATION OF LEARNING to participate in these free online lessons for learning the basics of Vedic Astrology. Click below to read that post. Topography of Vedic Astrological Charts Outline of this Section to be presented in 3 Lessons. LESSON ONE – TWO ZODIACS BASED ON METHOD OF CALCULATIONContinue reading “Introduction to Vedic Astrology – Section 1”

Building a Foundation of Learning

When I established this page in 2021, one of my goals was to empower readers with fundamentals of Vedic Astrology so they could begin to use the principles in their lives. Keeping in mind that Jyotisha Vedanga (Sanskrit for the Science of Light, the original form of this practice) began as an attempt to manageContinue reading “Building a Foundation of Learning”

Thanksgiving — from a Grateful Vedic Astrologer

On this Thanksgiving holiday my prayer is for an awareness of how miraculous life is and how important each of us are to the collective continuity of the processes that support all of Life. As I write this a stellium of planets (Venus, Mercury, Moon, and Sun) are in Scorpio. That brings the Source andContinue reading “Thanksgiving — from a Grateful Vedic Astrologer”

Mars Retrograde! All ahead reverse…Yikes!

A typical response to retrograde Mars (MarsRx) might be something like the title of this post. In our culture many people associate retrograde planets with expansion and increase of life’s mundane hardships. Mercury retrograde gets the credit or blame for mechanical and communication incidents. When disruptions to the technological side of existence leave us tongue-tiedContinue reading “Mars Retrograde! All ahead reverse…Yikes!”

Fall Equinox Empowerment

This post is a little late owing to added one-on-one work I committed too. I hope you find it useful. Although links to seasonal changes are more often associated with the Western Tropical Zodiac (owing to its alignment with the seasons rather than the actual placement of Sun, Moon, and Planets in the signs), theContinue reading “Fall Equinox Empowerment”

Special Post—the Death of a Queen

Special Post—the Death of a Queen Maraka planets (death-causing) align in potentially fatal ways hundreds of times over the course of a lifetime of 33,000 days. But in the hundreds of posthumous charts I have studied, people pass on only when Maraka influence dominates the chart. Queen Elizabeth II returned to her ancestors today underContinue reading “Special Post—the Death of a Queen”

When Purpose Creates Goals — Part Two

This is the second post in a series. Reviewing the key takeaways from Part One: Our culture touts goals as an important path to success. Goals are inherently time bound, they have a deadline. Achievement of a goal detached from Purpose is the source of much dissatisfaction in modern societies. Once a goal is achievedContinue reading “When Purpose Creates Goals — Part Two”

When Purpose Creates Goals —Part One

In my practice I frequently ask clients if they have a defined purpose for their life. It’s an important question to answer fully for yourself, but one that is contrary to what our culture often teaches. Our culture teaches Goals. If you don’t have goals you are often judged as lacking ambition, or worse. AndContinue reading “When Purpose Creates Goals —Part One”