Special Post—the Death of a Queen

Special Post—the Death of a Queen Maraka planets (death-causing) align in potentially fatal ways hundreds of times over the course of a lifetime of 33,000 days. But in the hundreds of posthumous charts I have studied, people pass on only when Maraka influence dominates the chart. Queen Elizabeth II returned to her ancestors today underContinue reading “Special Post—the Death of a Queen”

When Purpose Creates Goals — Part Two

This is the second post in a series. Reviewing the key takeaways from Part One: Our culture touts goals as an important path to success. Goals are inherently time bound, they have a deadline. Achievement of a goal detached from Purpose is the source of much dissatisfaction in modern societies. Once a goal is achievedContinue reading “When Purpose Creates Goals — Part Two”

When Purpose Creates Goals —Part One

In my practice I frequently ask clients if they have a defined purpose for their life. It’s an important question to answer fully for yourself, but one that is contrary to what our culture often teaches. Our culture teaches Goals. If you don’t have goals you are often judged as lacking ambition, or worse. AndContinue reading “When Purpose Creates Goals —Part One”

Loss as Lessons for Growing Consciousness

Of all the houses in the birth chart, the 6th, 8th, and 12th seem to cause more anxiety and negative fantasization than any others. Among the many activities seen in these Dushthana or difficult houses are ones that nearly everyone has some form of trauma, anxiety, or fear association with including non-believers in metaphysical practices.Continue reading “Loss as Lessons for Growing Consciousness”

SCOTUS ruling and Moon in Bharani, June 24, 2022

Today the Supreme Court overturned the 50-year-old Roe vs. Wade ruling that established abortion as a constitutional right in the United States. For many this represents an intolerable loss of basic freedom. For others it opens the door to state legislatures acting as despots ruling over more than half their constituencies under the thin guiseContinue reading “SCOTUS ruling and Moon in Bharani, June 24, 2022”

Saturn, the Great Malefic (a misnomer) Part 5

Surya’s chariot parked in close conjunction to Shani’s orbit and the Sun looked at the ringed one. Shani’s rings glistened, capturing the Sun’s light and cutting a sharp edge of shadow and substance around the cloud-banded bulk of the planet’s body. “Welcome, father,” Saturn said, fixing his eyes on the distant darkness beyond his parent’sContinue reading “Saturn, the Great Malefic (a misnomer) Part 5”

Saturn, the Great Malefic, Part 4

Shani, son of the Sun aka Surya, owing to the deceitful circumstances of his birth, was born crippled. In constant pain, barely able to move, unloved, unwanted, and banished, the young Deva was also a eunuch. He had every reason to be filled with rage, to wreak havoc on all, but truthfully was too pure,Continue reading “Saturn, the Great Malefic, Part 4”

Saturn, the Great Malefic, Part 3

Having banished the infant Shani (Saturn) to the furthest visible orbit of all the planets, Surya (the Sun) pondered the problem of recovering his wife, Sanhya, who had left him because of his treatment of the child. “I can’t simply bring him back. I’d appear weak, losing my authority, my gravity, my light itself faltering.Continue reading “Saturn, the Great Malefic, Part 3”

Saturn, the Great Malefic, Part 2

The Circumstances of Saturn’s Birth Saturn (Shani in Vedic Sanskrit) is the 5th child of the Sun (Surya). Surya’s wife Sanhya bore him three children (Manu, Yama, and Yani). She loved her husband and did her best to please him, however, his scorching heat had exhausted her over the centuries and she realized she neededContinue reading “Saturn, the Great Malefic, Part 2”

Galactic Center, Special Post

Today the first images of the massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way were released over many internet outlets. We are interrupting our Saturn series to share some thoughts gleaned from various teachings and observations. As recently as the 1920’s most astronomers believed that the galaxy encompassed the entire universe. The commonContinue reading “Galactic Center, Special Post”