Carl Jung, Birth Chart Study

July 25, 1875 7:24 PM Kesswil, Switzerland

Carl Jung, Swiss Psychoanalyst and Researcher

“From the beginning I had a sense of destiny, as though my life was assigned to me by fate and had to be fulfilled. This gave me an inner security, and, though I could never prove it to myself, it proved itself to me.”

—from Memories, Dreams, Reflections C.G. Jung

“Perform your prescribed duty, for action is better than inaction. A man cannot even maintain his physical body without work.”

—from Bhagavad Gita chapter 3, Verse 8

Very briefly, and with reference to materials based on what I have learned from my teachers and experienced through my work I present thoughts on the natal chart of the father of Depth Psychology, Swiss-born C. G. Jung.

Jung’s chart shows a Capricorn ascendant, the cardinal earth sign like a newly planted and fertile field. The karmic goal of Saturn, to acquire knowledge and use it to expand consciousness, is in accord with his work in the recently developed and still new field of psychology.

The ascendant ruler, Saturn, is in his 2nd house, in the fixed air sign of Aquarius. The karmic goal, to teach what has been learned to all sentient beings. The fixed sign under Saturn rule points to a process of slow but strong and steady growth through persistent work. The development of the mind and expression via language, curiosity, and difficulties are suggested.

Jung’s 11th house hosts a strong Mars in its own sign of fixed water Scorpio. This is the element that produces long-lived and strong growth over time in the house of the fruits of one’s labors in life. The continued expansion of Jung’s work more than 60 years after his passing is reflective of this energy.

The Moon in Aries in the 4th reflects a caring mind and imaginative power. Jung’s personal work, the building of his home to gain the privacy he valued for his unconscious explorations, and the unity of the active outer world and hidden inner wisdom he sought are represented in this placement.

Jung had Mercury and Venus conjunct in Gemini in his 6th house of health and service. His deeply curious nature, ability to collect and organize information, and his discernment in getting to the essence of the mysteries of the unconscious, all in service to others, are all found in this placement.

Jupiter in Libra in the 10th and aspecting the 2nd points first to the challenging relationship with his father as a young child, but also to the broad nature of his work in life, seeking to bring relief to out of balance psychology patients and benefit society at the same time.

His Rahu/Ketu axis runs from Pisces in the 3rd to Virgo in the 9th. Rahu in the third made for an articulate voice, a sense of early life confusion (Pisces) that later gave great confidence as the house and his work came to fruition. That he understood the deeper nature of his explorations and its connection to spirit or Source is reflected by Ketu in the sign of the healer and house of Dharma. This axis reflects a deep need for independent thought, words, and actions that serve a higher calling than the material product of labor. Virgo in the 9th reflects psychological service and healing capacity. Rahu in Pisces gains the spiritual influence of its ruler Jupiter.

By nearly every significant assessment, the life of Carl Jung unfolded beneficially according to the indicators in his chart. His own willingness to work through difficulties and remain focused on the work for many and to build something lasting no doubt contributed greatly to his maximum usage of the karma he was born with.

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