Today’s Power Move

Licensed under CCA 2.0 by author Sharon Mollerus

Today the Sun and Jupiter are conjunct in Aquarius while Moon is in Libra. These two signs in combination represent social justice, liberty, personal and group relationships, salvation for the world, generosity, and deep concern for others.

More specifically, Sun and Jupiter are also in the Nakshatra of Shatabhishak and the Moon in Swati.

Swati is the self-going star, the one seeking its own destiny and the freedom to move anywhere. It has the power to scatter obstacles like the wind. It’s symbol is a single shoot of a newly sprouted plant—full of life and flexible enough to move in order to weather the winds of change. The Moon here frees the mind for creative ideation that brings gains in all activities where we put the interests of the many first.

Swati works jointly with Shatabhishak as both are ruled by Rahu, the shadow planet that clings to the world and left to its own devices greedily scoops up every material thing in its path. But turn its power toward the heart and it includes everyone in the desire for growth, abundance, and unity. More importantly it can provide material resources for great works.

Shatabhishak is the star of the hundred physicians, divine healers whose combined energies are able to effect healing through inclusiveness and support, easing loneliness and directing social and community efforts toward lasting peace and harmony (are the diplomats listening to this?).

Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius combine the light of life and truth under Shatabhishak’s healing energy in the house of generosity toward all. Moon in Libra inspires the mind toward more just sharing of wealth and equal respect for all life.

All that is required to change the world is for each person to show kindness and inclusion toward someone who is hurting, who has been silenced or shackled, who we might normally avoid, in a spirit of self-sacrifice to bring about greater good. It’s an action that requires only the willingness to act independently and take the first step. It’s good to do any day, but today is especially auspicious for offering of your means and strength to others.

Aquarius, under Saturn’s rule, will multiply kindness shown eleven-fold, like pouring healing waters on a desert. Life blossoms with small acts of generosity, love, and kindness repeated over time. Will you make a big start by taking a small step today?

Shanti, shanti, shanti!

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