Fixed Signs — Stability, Preservation, Neutrality, Endurance

Today provides an opportunity working with the stable, eternal phase of the four elements (fire, earth, air, water). The Moon in Leo (fixed fire sign), Sun in Aquarius (fixed air sign), Rahu in Taurus (fixed earth sign) and Ketu in Scorpio (fixed water sign) involve the two luminaries and two shadow planets holding up the four quadrants of the zodiac.

This placement brings the benefits of strong forms that give consistency to activities under their influence. The opportunity to develop faith, protect truth, and strengthen the foundations of life is the dominant positive opportunity.

The opposite side of the moment is inertia, resistance, and the negativity that comes from clinging to outdated thinking, unnecessary possessions, repressive traditions, and unevolved actions that create selfish divisions.

Using this time to develop initiative and try new ways of thinking and acting that break negative, fearful, and selfish ways of being by transforming our thoughts toward acceptance of responsibility for past difficulties, gratitude for lessons learned, and selfless acts of service toward others to stop the decay of stagnation wherever it erodes truth.

If our beliefs create division, fear, aggression, selfish action, exclusion, or violence, then sustaining them over time hurts everyone.

Moon in Leo can cool the fires of anger and replace them with nurturing warmth like a hot beverage on a chilly day. Sun in Aquarius spreads a warm breeze across the whole world, seeking to wrap everyone in shared love and light. Rahu in Taurus invites us to see past confusion and chaos and find practical, simple truths by speaking only when our minds are clear, calm, and firm in the safety of communion. Ketu in Scorpio helps us to see beyond material gain and physical pleasure and into the deep, restorative ocean of universal possibilities for growth and ripening of the fruits of love.

No matter what houses are affected in your personal chart, you always have a choice in how you respond to the day and it’s energies. Do what you can to stand firm in the right, release the wrong, and study the in-between until the light of truth clarifies it. If that is too much, then rest, knowing that for this moment, the stability and continuation of the world will carry you through the day.

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