Moon Journal — a controlled harvest

Moon Journal — January 20, 2022

All day Friday the Moon, four days past full but still at 92.5% brightness, is in Purva Phalghuni Nakshatra. Entirely within Leo, this Nakshatra is ruled by lustful and fierce Venus. Those of us raised in the West may think of Venus as delicate, feminine, perfumed, and sweet in her beauty and desirability. But in the early Vedic stories, Shukra was male, a ferocious and duplicitous warrior who discovered the ability to split himself in two, sending one half to serve the god Shiva and the other to serve the demon rulers.

Shukra was a fierce warrior with several wives and many children. As far as human affairs, he controlled beauty, love, riches, luxury, and sexual relations, increasing both pleasure and fertility. In Sun-ruled Leo, a strong Venus influence stimulates creativity and increases the likelihood of fructification of all life-enhancing activities.

Weak-minded and impulsive individuals may succumb to intemperate and base urges during this passage. As with nearly all of life’s challenges, a clear purpose, meditation to calm the mind and body, and finding the source of energy in the body allows for more purposeful direction or restraint.

Hari Om! Om Cham. Namahah.

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