Moon in Magha — Commit a Kindness for Ketu

Moon Journal, January 19, 2022

Waning gibbous Moon, still very bright at 96.7%, entered Leo today in the Nakshatra Magha, the star of power. Joint rulers are Sun for Leo and Ketu for Magha. This sets up an interesting conflict for the day. Ketu is a shadow planet that rejects the material world and wants to turn our attention toward the Divine realms. In Magha, the shakti power to “leave the body” is a metaphoric reminder that eventually we all must shed these bodies. Detachment from sensory pleasure and material wealth is a daily practice that brings discipline to the will and ease to the mind.

To detach does not mean give all our possessions away and move to an ashram (whew!). We live in a money-centered consumer culture so having things and spending money are necessary both to sustain life and preserve civilization. But living in this culture without needing luxury, without seeking excess, and without regretting loss, while at the same time having an altruistic attitude toward everyone is real meaning of Magha for our age and station.

This detachment and giving to those less fortunate is also a way to cope with the Sun, as ruler of Leo, seeks to turn all eyes toward us, feeds our ego and vanity, and makes the receiving of other’s attention and affection sometimes feel like the real reason we are alive. It’s self-centered blindness at its most blatant.But once one starts to give, as we can afford it, the pleasure in sharing our abundance with such appreciative recipients fills our hearts to the brim.

If you cam, take time today to commit a spontaneous and if possible anonymous act of random kindness for someone less fortunate than you.

To do so is to create new positive karma for both parties involved.

Om Sur Suryaya Namah

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