Moon in Chitra — Star of Opportunity

Moon in Chitra — Carpe Diem

Chitra is the Star of Opportunity, ruled by Mars and stretching from the latter part of Virgo and into Libra. It’s animal symbol is the female tiger, bringing both protection and nourishment to her dependents.

With Mercury’s quick intelligence from Virgo and Venus’s high standards, love of beauty, and seeker of balance in Libra, opportunities abound for recalibrating your life.

How are you doing on your goals?

Have the resolutions you made at New Year been forgotten or carried you forward?

Whatever you hope to accomplish this year, Mars, as Chitra’s ruler impels you to act. Today is the last waning gibbous day of the current cycle. Beginning with 3rd quarter tomorrow the Moon will be in it’s dark phase, resting and recharging, so if you want to begin anew, today is the best for the next ten days.

Seize the Day is an adage that can get you going. Repeat it as soon as you awake, before you head out into your daily activities, and any time you feel your energy flag.

Your days are finite. Every one is precious. Today is now, don’t let it slip through your hands. I feel engaged! Make it so for you, too.

Om Chundraya Namahah

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