Moon in Ashlesha — the Energy of the Clinging Star

Moon Journal — January 18, 2022

Waning Gibbous Moon at 99.4% in Moon-ruled sign of Cancer and Mercury-ruled Nakshatra of Ashlesha combines the following energies and elements:

◦ Cardinal water of Cancer (initiates change)

◦ Water of the Moon (nourishes and soothes)

◦ Water of Ashlesha (forms a poisonous solution with the power to dissolve matter)

◦ Earth of Mercury (to grow and stabilize life)

◦ Rajas (movement) from Mercury

◦ Sattwa (balance) from the Moon

◦ Vata Dosha (light, fast, airy) from Mercury

◦ Kapha Dosha (heavy, slow, structured) from the Moon

Depending on what house(s) any one person’s chart has Cancer, Mercury, Moon in; what Ascendant and Nakshatra they were born under; aspects from all other planets both in the natal chart and current transits; and how their exercise of free will in life has altered their karma, the effects of the current placement will vary.

The Vedic birth chart and interpretation of same is governed by general rules according to the energetic potential of the moment, but the effect on any one person will be different, often dramatically so, from the effect on any other. This is important to keep in mind when looking at general predictions. The best guide is twofold—first, having a full reading of your birth chart by a qualified astrologer in order to understand your karmic potential and limitations; second, to track your own response from your personal point of view to transits. The Moon journal is a very simple way to begin.

Finally, as you learn how daily planetary motions affect your mind and body, work to gain control over your senses and thoughts. Allow your actions to be governed by intelligent purpose. Aim high, not to become more trapped by sensory experience or material possessions, but to live with these as tools for serving others and acquiring the freedom found in appreciation for everything without the enslavement of desire for anything.

This is the higher path of the embodied divine within each of us. Traveling it awakens all the goodness of true, transcendence and unconditional love from the Source of all creation.

I feel thoughtful today. I feel resolute. I feel patient but determined. I feel light and less burdened than I have for some time.

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