Full Moon in Punarvasu — Moon Bath

Moon Journal — January 16, 2022

This is the final day of the waxing Moon. 98.7% brightness in Punarvasu Nakshatra will reach 100% tomorrow shortly before moving into Pushya Nakshatra. Punarvasu, the star of renewal, ruled by Jupiter is mostly in Gemini but finishes in the Moon’s own sign of Cancer. This latter 3 degrees and 20 minutes is where the full moon occurs this month.

Cancer is nourishing, emotionally stable, and sees possibilities in everyone. If you have recently weathered some emotional or physical storm and are feeling depleted, the light of this full moon will feel like water on a thirsty garden. If you can spend even ten minutes outside gazing at the Moon without allowing yourself to linger too long on any one thought it can be very healing. Gaze at the Moon and if your mind wanders, gently bring it back to focus.

You may have to do this many times, but even that exercise will bring an important life skill into a stronger position. If we want to thrive, we need to focus on what refills us and help others to do the same.

While you are gazing at the Moon, turn your palms up so they may absorb the Moonlight, allowing you to carry the feeling of the great Mother’s warmth and love when you return to your everyday life.

Today I feel safe. Today I feel at peace.

Om Chandra Ya, Namaha

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