Moon Journal — Sharing the Burden

Moon Journal — January 15, 2022

Today’s waxing gibbous moon is shining at 95.6% brightness. In the Nakshatra Ardra, the Star of Sorrow, it brings strong emotions to the surface. Ruled by Rahu, Ardra sheds tears of grief but isn’t fully satisfied by them . The opening of the tear ducts often acts as a channel for the deeper emotion of anger, arising out of the unavoidable nature of existential loss.

The only appropriate action under such an influence, the awareness of the inescapable end of life, is devotion and service to others. Finding a way to ease another’s troubles somehow has a calming effect on the one giving the service. When we do this, managing our emotions no longer is such a struggle because we aren’t willing ourself into a different mood from our natural feeling. By taking on another’s pain and offering service and ease we create a bond, one where as we take on the other person’s burden, some of our own is also lifted.

Today, I feel determined. Today I feel focused.

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