Rohini — The Eye of the Bull

Moon in Rohini — The Star of Ascent

Rohini, located in the heart of Taurus, centers on the red giant star Aldebaran, the eye of the bull. It’s a clear symbol of both the passionate and sometimes obstinate nature of this asterism. Rohini is called the Star of Ascent, and in one phrase, it is a locus for creation.

Ruled by the Moon in Venus-ruled Taurus, the shakti of Rohini is the power of growth. It desires to unite in creativity with the beloved. Its ruling deity is Brahma, the creator, and those with gifts in any or all the creative arts are often born with strength from Rohini.

The negative quality of the Nakshatra can be a stubborn pursuit of achievement and material acquisition without regard for consequences. This relates to the origin myth of this lunar mansion:

Of all the Moon’s 27 wives, Rohini was his favorite so he visited her bed every night. This led to jealousy among the other 26 and they turned to Brahma for justice. Up to this point the Moon was full every night but Brahma cursed him so he began to die and his light to fade. Seeing their husband’s dire condition, the wives pleaded with Brahma to lift the curse. But once spoken, a curse always has lingering effects. Brahma was able to partially remove the affliction provided the Moon agreed to spend each night with a different wife for the good of the family. This allowed him to cycle from strength to weakness. The phases of the Moon we see today are the result of this story.

Rohini remains Moon’s favorite Nakshatra, and its location is the mulatrikona point of the Moon. This is a key position of power for any Vedic planet. It is happiest in Exaltation, saddest in Debilitation, most like its true nature in its home sign(s), and most effective and focused in mulatrikona. Mulatrikona is a bit like being at the office and doing its work.

If you have purely creative work to do today, the Moon in Rohini and in a strong, waxing gibbous phase is ripe for it. Remember that work approached with sensitivity to others and aspirations of benefits for all produces the best fruit. Use your passion, the fiery eye of the bull, but remember the diminishing curse of Brahma when the Moon’s passion aroused jealousy in his other wives.

No matter how narrow our focus, the effects we create touch all. We are one.

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