The Searching Star — Mrigashira

Today’s Full Moon in Mrigashira

“The Searching Star” is the common name for Mrigashira. In Vedic Cosmology each of the 12 Sun signs has a karmic mission. These relate to the quality of time and may be seen as tracking with the life of individuals.

In Aries, the first sign, we find birth, the incarnation of the body. “I incarnate to serve the dharma,” describes the appearance of energy as matter according to natural law. In Taurus, the sensory mind, ego, language, and material consciousness form. “I think according to my karma, in service to dharma,” expresses the awakening of individual consciousness. In Gemini, loquacious Mercury begins the collection and organization of sensory data. The power of research and speech that expresses our karmic wants and needs, the passion of our feelings about the material world, our personal power, and goals awaken. “I speak the dharma,” expresses our developing perspective on truth, on dharmic wholeness.

Mrigashira bridges Taurus and Gemini, having six degrees and forty minutes of arc in each sign. It is a powerful placement for research, invention, and understanding the world. Great creative ideas form here as well as the ability to act on them. Ruled by the Moon and influenced by Venus and Mercury, this Nakshatra is generally swift, auspicious, curious, and attractive. Drawn to quality and beauty, the arts flourish for those born here.

There is a strong sensual nature that relates to a myth of Soma, one of the Moon’s avatars. Soma fell in love with Jupiter’s wife, Tara. Seducing Tara with his nectar of enlightenment, Soma fathered a child through her. The Vedas say that out of the Moon, the mind was born. The child, Mercury, had such extraordinary mental abilities that once Tara returned to Jupiter, the great benefic forgave his wife and raised the child as his own. Jupiter and Tara reconciled and even the Moon was forgiven because of the extraordinary nature of the baby.

Both Moon and Mercury are generally helpful to the high-minded and repentant. But in the company of impulsive, negative, or angry forces, they can be fierce and difficult. Grasping at power for personal gain are especially self-destructive acts under Mrigashira influence. The myth also shows the lonely nature of the Moon and how it does its best work in the company of other planets.

The great sculptor Rodin had his Moon in Mrigashira. Generations of superb Vedic Astrologers have ties to this Nakshatra. The list of poets, artists, statesmen, and thinkers with strong Mrigashira placements fills many volumes and links to important events throughout history.

Its shakti is the power to give fulfillment and joy, and its desire is to rule over the fruit of the garden. The result of this desire is to make the world enjoyable.

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