Moon in Krittika Today

Exalted Moon in Krittika

From the final 3 degrees 20 minutes of Aries to 10 degrees Taurus, the Nakshatra Krittika dominates the winter night. Made up of stars from the brilliant Pleiades, Krittika in Vedic mythology represents the wives of the great seers, the Rishis, who are said to be the stars of the Big Dipper in the northern sky.

The dominant element is Agni, fire, with the power to burn away all negative thoughts. The Moon, director of mental energy, dreams, and emotions, is exalted, happiest, at 3 degrees of Taurus, in the heart of Krittika. Exaltation is a placement of perfect comfort, ease, honor, and respect for a planet. It is like the Queen on vacation, without a worry or care.

Agni in this positive asterism has a highly nourishing quality, both for digestion of food and stimulation of imagination. The Mars influence of Aries in its higher frequency brings out creativity in the arts. Bob Dylan’s natal Moon resides here. Its baser aspect can lead to sexual heat that manifests as extramarital affairs. A number of political and public figures have succumbed to this weakness (no names, please!).

On the Venus side, the artistic, creative power increases. So does the desire to have children. Venus has a discerning quality and an insistence on quality, appearance, and rules that makes for effective leadership. Thus in Taurus/Krittika we find the Moons of Frida Kahlo, Princess Diana, former President Reagan, and Mick Jagger. Pope John Paul had his natal Sun here.

Being effective doesn’t always manifest as the highest and best. Some of the figures above were at the center of unpopular and controversial actions. At the same time, the nature of Krittika, and its symbol of a razor or other sharp-edged implement clears obstacles toward achievement and has the ability to bring the will to power to produce results for the one who wields it.

The lesson here is perhaps to always be clear in our intentions and to tune our desires toward the good of all. Krittika brings out impulsive desires that can be those of a spoiled child or a balanced adult. Under the power of the exalted Moon, the best results come from nurturing that which elevated us and cutting away that which debases.

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