Ashwini, Healing the World

Makeup Post on Ashwini

The day of the Moon transit of Ashwini we were traveling and I did not post my thoughts. Since Bharani (yesterday’s post) hosts the Moon for most of today I’m taking the opportunity to makeup the missed Nakshatra.

Ashwini is the first of the Nakshatras. Ketu ruled at the head of Aries, it combines the active property of Mars with the spiritual aspirations of Ketu in a place where Dharma and Prana find their mythic origins.

Combining the power of the life force with the highest and best intentions to achieve freedom from all bondage is one way to describe the reasons the Vedic Rishis brought their knowledge to humanity. The Ashwini twins are the children of the Sun, Surya, and his wife, Sunjna. The myth is too long to recount here but I’ll cover it in a future podcast. The twins are energetic horselike beings with the divine power of healing, spreading the life force, Prana, and with the ambition to rid the world of disease.

For Ashwini energy to be effective, a healing of grievances and forgiveness of others for all perceived and actual wrongs is needed. The recognition of our oneness, each unique part born to create a perfect whole, brings out the Shakti of the asterism.

Ashwini’s strength is swift and sure if one’s intentions are pure. Most integrated medicine teaches us that serious and chronic illness begins in the mind. By adopting an attitude of forgiveness we put the broken parts of ourselves together again. In union with all life we work together for the betterment of everything. What problem could be so large that 7 billion unified humans in alignment with nature could not solve?

Although the Moon only traverses this idealistic Nakshatra once a month, any day is a good day to offer forgiveness and reunion. The Ashwini twins are devout in their intentions and even as mythic forms of our psychology they have a seemingly limitless ability to improve the world.

Independent, headstrong, like a spirited horse they thrive on attention and love and will flee in sadness or fear at abuse. As we see another wave of pandemic illness arising, we are again reminded that division has great power to exaggerate harm.. our caregivers toil beyond any reasonable limit to save lives without regard for political or religious leanings. They simply love life and give their utmost to preserve it.

To free the world of disease…worth forgiving, yes, forgiving everyone.

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