Moon in Bharani

Bharani— the Bearer and Star of Restraint

To bear may mean to carry, to endure, or to give (as in birth). The first of these appears as physical action, the second as mental discipline, and the third as creativity born from spirit.

So it is with Bharani. The overlaps between the various energies are apparent with a little thought. Ruled by Venus and in the early to middle portion of Mars-ruled Aries, Bharani generates creative fire from the Mars/Venus commingling.

The symbol of this Nakshatra is a Yoni, womb, and in the physical sense the Moon today is drawn toward sexual activity. This is balanced by the idea of restraint, which brings mental discipline to remind us that while Mars and Venus together can be a recklessly passionate couple, in both an aggressive and receptive manner, they can also show qualities of discernment and targeted activity in many creative fields.

Unfettered passion is a potent force, but without discretion and an aim toward creative aims that raise us from our animal nature toward our Divine origins we may be wasting vital substance and in the most degraded forms, doing real harm.

This isn’t a lecture on abstinence, but a note that creative power spreads, grows, and rightly directed becomes a self-sustaining force for good in any activity. Indiscriminate yielding to base desire, on the other hand, can unleash a destructive fire that burns long after the impulse that sparked it.

Leadership, discovery, and advancement are the positive outcomes of directed creativity. Forced restraint such as illness, loss, and imprisonment may result from the lower aspects of desire.

Sigmund Freud had his Sun in Bharani, Carl Jung his Moon. Saddam Hussein’s Sun and Tonya Harding’s Moon were also there. Energy isn’t a force for prediction or magic, but the substance of creation, subject to conscious will as a tool of creation, sustenance, and destruction. Today, choose with wisdom and restraint and see what fruit you might bear.

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