Today’s Moon House — Uttara Bhadrapadha

Today’s Moon in Uttara Bhadrapadha — The Second of the Fiery Pair

The two stars forming this Nakshatra combine with the pair from Purva Bhadrapadha to form the great square of Pegasus in Western Constellations. In the Vedic tradition they represent the four legs of a funeral cot, the two faces of a man, twin water snakes, and fiery representations of powerful forces of life, death, material abundance, and spiritual transcendence.

As noted yesterday, Purva Bhadrapadha is ruled by Jupiter. Uttara Bhadrapadha is under stable and serious Saturn. While there are many shared qualities between these two Nakshatras, especially their shadow natures of anger and aggression, Uttara Bhadrapadha’s Saturn qualities give those under its influence more self control. For me the image of lighting a propane torch comes to mind. One turns the gas on high and sets a spark to it. An explosive blue flame appears. In Purva Bhadrapadha, Jupiter expands this force and it may quickly grow out of control. But Saturn has a hand on the control knob in Uttara Bhadrapadha, and quickly reduces the flame to a diamond-pointed star that can seal a relationship, cut through anger, or warm the air around it so that productive activities may resume.

In Pisces, travel is a common desire. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and when combined with Saturn we find the two gas giants of the solar system whose gravitational fields capture many wandering asteroids before their travels take them toward earth. In this sense, the gas giants are our protectors.

Uttara Bhadrapadha brings lively growth, its shakti power is that of cosmic rain, the kind that grows spreading plants whose roots provide stability against erosive forces. The people under this influence are worldly, generous, and beloved by their families and friends.

The implicit potential to commit acts of selfishness and malice also makes them feared when their shadow side emerges. Regardless of their nature, they are impactful and noticed. The list of those with Ascendant, Sun, or Moon in Uttara Bhadrapadha includes Walt Whitman, Billy Graham, Joan Baez, Bill Gates, Indira Gandhi, and Elton John.

Today, if you feel your anger kindled, allow slow, steady Saturn, like a patient grandfather who has caught you playing in his toolbox, to gently instruct you on the proper use of the cutting torch, and then walk with him on the stable lawn of life.

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