The Burning Pair

Today’s Moon — Purva Bhadraphada, “The Burning Pair”

Two stars in Pegasus crossing the boundary between the longitudinal meeting of Aquarius and Pisces form this powerful Nakshatra. Ruled by Jupiter and represented by the symbol of a male lion, related to unicorns, and translated as “lucky feet,” Purva Bhadrapada’s shakti contains the fire to elevate a spiritual person through a fiery temperament and ferocious activity.

Those born under this Nakshatra are motivated by material prosperity for the purpose of uplifting themselves and/or humanity. Aquarius nature is to save the world and Pisces marks the gateway to transcendence. The passion, fiery speech, strong opinions, and extreme sense of confidence and self reliance translate to an evangelical personality that frequently breaks boundaries and operates outside of societal norms.

Fame and infamy are both possible in this asterism, and the ability to see the world from two opposing points of view can create either a saint or sinner in the eyes of the world. For the Purva Bhadrapadha native the opinions of others matter far less than the actions necessary to achieve their personal aspirations, whether this are idealistic and uplifting or impulsive and destabilizing.

Madam Curie, Hugh Hefner, Martin Luther King Jr., and O. J. Simpson all have their natal moon in Purva Bhadrapadha.

Successfully living under this Nakshatra involves focusing on your highest philosophical and spiritual aspirations and acting free of selfishness, anger, and impulsive response. Acting without thinking or with wavering focus under Purva Bhadrapadha influence makes one appear two-faced. Acting toward the elevation and betterment of all allows for many ways of seeing solutions and paths to higher living.

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