Today Moon is in Revati, the Wealthy Star

Today’s Moon in Revati

After last night’s lineup of Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon all vertically ascribed in a 40 degree arc above the western horizon, one has a sense that powerful forces are gathering to mark the end of 2021.

Revati, “the Shining One” is the last Nakshatra in Vedic cosmology. Located in the last 13 degrees 20 minutes of Pisces, it consists of a group of 32 stars, that in my head resemble a modern, high-powered LED flashlight. Revati is called the wealthy star and as stars gleam like diamonds overhead, perhaps the efforts we make under a waxing gibbous Moon (very auspicious) in Revati will bring a gemlike quality to our lives.

Revati’s motivation is moksha, the liberation of the energetic source within us from all restrictions. Revati marks both endings and beginnings, movement from one way of living to a better one, and ruled by curious, adaptable Mercury, affords swift, nurturing aid to groups of travelers.

The shakti of nourishment, represented by milk, and under the watchful eye of both Jupiter as the ruler of Pisces and the Vedic deity Pushan, the guardian of the flock, feeds creative intelligence to renew the cycle of living.

There is very little of concern found in Revati. Even its shadow side is offset by an increase in sensitivity to the feelings of others, creating a natural avoidance of doing harm. The asterism is idealistic and disappointed ideals can’t lead to seclusion from sometimes harsh realities. Those under a strong Revati influence are evolved souls, bound for greater worlds and realms and often leaders in making leaps forward through their expansive vision.

You can find dark and even diabolical figures under any asterism, but their behavior is attributable to other elements in their birth charts. All we find in Revati seems positive and aspiring toward the Divine vision.

The visionary poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath had his natal Moon in Revati. I have a favorite quote of his to share:

“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in you. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.”

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