Moon in Shatabhishak— The Hundred Physicians

Varuna, guardian of moral law and patron of physicians. He rewards the remorseful and punishes those without remorse.

A secretive, Rahu-ruled Nakshatra in the middle of Aquarius, the sign that will sacrifice itself in an effort to save the world, has been on my mind all week. More on that in a moment.

First, Shatabhishak’s shakti power is “to heal and support.” Aquarius’s pot holds pure Soma, the nectar of immortality, and Shatabhishak is often referred to as the “hundred healers” able to nourish and sustain the entire world and overcome every illness.

To use this power one should strive to be consistent, firm, and persistent in all conditions. A steady hand at the helm of life brings confidence to those who rely on us for support. It allows us to see in all directions for a clear path to free ourselves from calamity.

Perhaps Odysseus would have returned from Troy with far less effort and suffering had he sailed under a Shatabhishak moon. Being independent to the point of secrecy, isolation, and misleading others through such methods brings out the defensive and poisonous serpent nature of Rahu.

Appropriate boundaries, solitude for contemplation, and having a desire to hide one’s weaknesses are understandable. But honesty, openness, and repentance for error are necessary to cleanse the world of negative effects from immoral acts.

So, back to my attention to Shatabhishak this week. I’ve been following the trial of a former medical testing lab CEO, you probably know who. The birth time for this person is not known, just the date and location. Taking known events and applying rectification techniques, it appears the defendant was likely born with Moon in Shatabhishak.

The defense is relying on the young CEO’s claim of being mislead by mentors and trusted business partners. Instead of providing effective, inexpensive blood tests that could have helped millions, the company perpetrated a massive fraud that made the principle managers very wealthy.

I’m not judging this either way, but instead seeing the duality present in the case. Shatabhishak thrives on openness and honesty, draws together technology and healing aspirations. But lies and deceit lead to legal troubles and loss of freedom.

Only the CEO knows the truth of the crux of the case. A jury will decide for society what justice looks like. In any case, when life gets this far off the peaceful path for a person afflicted under Shatabhishak, the best remedy is often to discard every previous attachment, to rest, and to begin anew as if having just been born.

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