Dhanishtha—today’s Moon house

Dhanishtha — the Drum

Dhanishtha is ruled by Mars and covers the latter part of Capricorn and early portion of Aquarius. Both of these signs are under Saturn rule giving this Nakshatra a great deal of energy based on aggression, seriousness, and separateness.

Nonetheless, for the disciplined and patient person the power to gain abundance and fame lies here. Mars is exalted in Dhanishtha, granting the ability to act in the world. Persistence, discipline, and a strong work ethic are gained from the strong Saturn influence.

Dhanishtha’s symbol is the drum of Shiva, also called the drum of time, and learning the rhythm of the dharma allows one to prevail simply by wearing down resistance both internally and externally. Dhanishtha is paired with the eight Vasus, benefic forces of light and abundance. These are Sun, Moon, Earth, Sky, Space, Fire, Wind, and the Nakshatras. Understanding and harvesting Dhanishtha’s shakti brings all of the material world to one’s aid.

The shadow side of this power is greed, lust, selfishness, and anger. Great material wealth without spirit, gratitude, and generosity is as destructive as any force in all creation.

Being patient and responsible in one’s work, understanding that the fruits of labor belong to all and creation or the Creator will take care of us is how to remain in the benefic light.

Both sides of this asterism may be seen in personalities born under a Dhanishtha Moon: Marilyn Monroe, Timothy Leary, Woody Allen, Princess Diana, Orson Welles, and the poet Rainier Marie Rilke are among these.

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