The Universal Star and the Divine Ear

Uttara Ashadha and Shravana Nakshatras

Today, in my time zone, is divided almost equally between two Nakshatras. The first half belongs to Uttara Ashadha, ruled by the Sun. This is one of the most humanitarian Nakshatras, and anytime we find strength built on care of others, we find a connection to Dharma, the natural order of the universe, or what I refer to as the path of least resistance to ultimate freedom, eternal peace, and universal love.

Uttara Ashadha begins in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius where it has the strength of the elephant. One symbol for this Nakshatra is an elephant’s tusk. Three-fourths of Uttara Ashadha is in patient, Saturn-ruled Capricorn, the seat of Divine wisdom overseen by the judge of karma, administrator of time, and teacher of dharma through difficulty.

Uttara Ashadha is associated with the sons of Dharma, called Vishadevis in Vedic terms. These ten are Abundance, Ancestors, Desire, Forbearance, Goodness, Joy, Ritual Skill, Time, Truth, and Will-Power. Combined and balanced, these form the apadhrisya shakti, the “unchallengeable victory.”

Idealism, goals for the betterment of all, devotion, persistence, universal love, kindness, loneliness, and melancholy all simultaneously exist in those born under this influence. The victory is won through patience and is so complete it endures long after the champion has passed on.

People with this influence include Abraham Lincoln, Robert Kennedy, John Lennon, Albert Schweitzer, Muhammad Ali, and Stephen Sondheim.

The second half of the day belongs to Saturn-ruled Shravana. It is associated with Vishnu, preserver of the Universe who helps humanity to see past the illusory and temporal quality of the material world to the underlying connectedness of all. This is the shakti of samhanana.

Shravana’s root is the Sanskrit sru, and refers to hearing the Divine Voice, the sounds of ethereal truth. The sacred Aum or Om in all its manifestations communicates the Word that began the vibrations resulting in the Big Bang. It is the sound we intone and listen for during deep meditation.

Hard work, patience, and most of all a thirst for learning on deeper and deeper levels throughout life accompany this influence. Shravana natives seek solitude, a place to escape the noise of the temporal world so they can hear the word of the Divine. They seek resources in life to free their time for study in the pursuit of ultimate freedom and unity with the source of creation.

My teacher, Dr. David Frawley has his Moon in this Nakshatra.

The darker nature of Shravana leads to hyper-sensitivity to criticism, real or imagined, issues with jealousy and resentment, creating perceived enemies and in certain combinations produces violence. Charles Manson also had a Shravana moon. This highlights the need for both solitude and socialization, and grounding in the principles of unity not enmity. When we hurt others we hurt ourselves as well.

The two Nakshatras that the Moon transits today make available much power for doing good to and for others, and consequently advancing our own lives. It is truly a matter of choosing unity and love over division and discord.

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