Purva Ashadha — The Invincible Star

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The Moon in Purva Ashadha

For getting going after the weekend, Purva Ashadha can be a helpmate or a hindrance. The key to using the Nakshatra’s shakti power to invigorate or energize is first to recognize that the asterism’s nickname, “the invincible star,” creates the potential for becoming a Quixotic Hero.

Used for right, this quality reveals latent and hidden abilities. Applied effort to grow and strengthen them in alignment with reality creates a golfer like Tiger Woods, a voice like James Earl Jones, or a novelist of the immortal talent of Ernest Hemingway. Used out of arrogance, selfishness, for personal gain, or under the illusion of invincibility extending to unearned and unworthy conquest and power results in an Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin.

All of these figures had their Ascendant, Sun, or Moon in Purva Ashadha.

The Nakshatra is ruled by Venus in Jupiter’s bold sign Sagittarius. Luxury, comfort, love, lust, truth, beauty, and fastidious discernment are all expanded when the two naturally benefic planets come together. But an errant Mars nature of aggression, or a narcissistic Sun or afflicted Moon may bring out arrogance, jealousy, possessiveness, and physical aggression.

More than most Nakshatras, Purva Ashadha requires us to control our impulses, aspire to benefit all from our talents, and strive with discipline and diligence to constantly improve our nature and behavior. That’s a worthy and full Monday for any of us! The pursuit of Moksha, ultimate freedom, and the use of the symbol of the winnowing basket to sift the chaff from our lives in order to clear obstructions to becoming our best will bring about invincible strength in our group and individual endeavors.

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