Moon in Anuradha — the Star of Success

Moon in Anuradha

Anuradha, the Star of Success, like all three Nakshatras partially or wholly within Scorpio, has a quality of judgment about it. Scorpio is a sign that seizes all energy around it, immediately classifying it in dualities of good or bad and stubbornly clinging to its first impression.

As we approach the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Jyestha, conflict and confrontation resulting in impasse increases, and we may miss opportunities to turn inward and discard some of our outdated and destructive beliefs.

The power of Anuradha is that of worship, where even the tiniest spark of faith in something greater than ourselves can bring about large success. But first we must kindle that spark.

Anuradha’s motivation is Dharma, right action aligned with the laws of reality. It permits us to see deeply into the true nature of the universe if we will take the time to look. The universe is perceived as centered on each of us as individual pieces of temporary consciousness. This great illusion creates the senses that bring us information about the material world and from these sense perceptions our minds form the world of pleasure and pain. But a spark of belief in an energetic presence underlying these minds and bodies that will one day fail us allows one to conceive of our connections to all of creation.

Shattering the illusion of separation joins consciousness to unconsciousness, the seen to the unseen, and eventually leads to the realization of the completeness of everything. Resisting the oneness that we are part of brings only conflict in which the dualism that divides further separates us from true happiness.

Try to set aside pettiness and become a bit philosophical for a bit each day. Who you are, where you came from, and where you are going are not nearly as important as what you think, do, and say in the moment. It is our present that decides all the rest.

Unity, symmetry, stillness, like a perfect lotus flower enable us to live in peace.

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