Today’s Moon in Vishakha

Moon in Vishakha Today

Vishakha Nakshatra, ruled by Jupiter, and filling the transition between Libra and Scorpio occupies two signs that represent equality and judgement. These are elements of justice, and one way of looking at justice delivered is to “reap the fruit” of one’s actions.

Jupiter’s rulership, as the planet of abundance, expansion, and enjoyment gives a protective nature to those whose work aligns with dharma — natural laws that transcend and transform universal consciousness for good — and relates to manifesting positive outcomes in life through conscious effort. Enthusiastic optimism in the shaping and pursuit of our goals in life, especially through times of difficulty, allow us to persist and succeed.

One translation of the word Vishakha is “the branching or forked one.” Because we want to encourage the fruits of goodness to ripen in our lives, one is best served to see these branches as extending out to offer protection and shelter to ourselves and others. This often requires patience and an extra measure of determination. Vishakha tends to become more beneficial in the second half of life if we attend to creating positive, ambitious goals and work diligently toward them in our youth.

Those who embrace positivity in the face of obstructions, obstacles, and suffering exhibit a special brand of courage that is reminiscent of Vishakha’s deity, Indra, who in Vedic mythology defeated Vritya, the dragon demon of drought and thence became the god of rain and the thunderbolt, similar to Zeus or Odin.

The outward expression of energy from Vishakha left unchecked can bring out dictatorial, aggressive, and argumentative qualities in those who do not manage their passionate natures. Overambition, envy, and impatience may lead to isolation and resentment in such cases. Because the Moon is debilitated in the last 3 degrees and 20 minutes of Vishakha, betrayal, infidelity, and morally questionable acts may be produced in those who fail to learn the lessons of selfless love. However, given time and faith in oneself, the missteps of youth can produce powerful wisdom, borne by experience, and yield a rich harvest through maturation of the soul and self.

As we approach the solar eclipse in two days, the Moon is especially weak so we would all do well to slow down, take a breath, and consider our long term goals before acting out our emotional surges.

Yet another symbol of this Nakshatra is the “triumphal arch,” which is an inspiring image for a successful life. Napoleon, Margaret Thatcher, Jimmy Carter, Whoopi Goldberg, Carl Sagan, Alexander the Great, and Charles Manson all have or had significant placements in Vishakha in their natal charts as examples of the bounty and blight contained in this asterism.

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