Solar Eclipse and Moon in Jyestha Nakshatra

Jyeshtha, known as the chief or elder star, is located in the last half of Scorpio. Ruled by Mercury and in a Mars-ruled sign, Jyeshtha combines speed, intelligence, mischief, and impulsive action with aggression, assertion, strategic thinking, and martial authority. Placement of earthy Mercury and fiery Mars together in watery Scorpio creates the potential for creative action with broad effects over time and space.

It is a place of both attacking and defending, of rising above challenges, including perilous ones, and attaining a position of supremacy. Successful actions under Jyeshtha involve both cunning and courage, and if undertaken in a state of agitation or with malicious intention can undermine much previously good work.

This Nakshatra is associated with Indra, the great warrior god of ancient India who defeated a dragon by courage and cunning rather than skill at arms. The myth is reminiscent of the cunning of Odysseus the virtue of St. George. Subterfuge, courage, and intelligence bring about the ability to think and act differently for success in overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles here. Beethoven, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, and William Blake all had their natal sun or moon in Jyeshtha.

To be successful when cunning, aggressiveness, and courage are present requires attention to and control of the ego, arrogance, and base emotions such as greed, lust, and unchecked material desire. A deranged Jyeshtha mind may show great potential but is also harboring terrible darkness. This darkness may harm oneself or others, as in the cases of Ted Bundy, Jim Morrison, and Vincent Van Gogh who were ultimately destroyed through their connection with malign forces and ill-considered acts.

Today’s solar eclipse in Jyeshtha brings the darker nature to the surface, but that does not mean we are beholden to it. Rather, it reminds us that duality is part of life and that we must be alert to the spontaneous appearance of false or shadowed reality in order to penetrate, disburse, and be relieved of its negative effects. Once seen, our dharmic mission and karmic destiny combine to unite in opposition, not through strength of arms, but by the power of our collective consciousness.

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