Moon in Gentle Swati Today

Moon in Swati Today

The gentle Swati occupies the heart of Libra. Ruled by airy Rahu and the place of airy Saturn’s exaltation, Swati has the power to scatter and disburse. In Venus-ruled Libra, the sign of community, social activism, justice, and balance, and influenced by the goddess of mature wisdom and love this disbursing energy has great power for good.

Swati benefits from time alone in quiet contemplation and reflection. It encourages stability as gusts shift us to and fro in life, and it allows us to release negativity, especially the puffed up negativity of others, sending it off on the breeze to scatter and reform into something better.

Patience, self-reliance, and trust in the movements of nature are qualities enhanced in the mind as Moon transits here. The current aspect of Saturn from Capricorn on Libra encourages us to persist in our efforts to help others, to be patient, and to learn the lessons that underpin all suffering.

The timing of this Moon transit is significant as we are three days from a solar eclipse in Jyestha, the elder star and a very powerful Nakshatra. With Sun, Mercury, And Ketu all present at the time of the eclipse, having as little inner or outer negativity in your life as possible is important to avoid the mental difficulties of anxiety, confusion, and groundlessness that will be looking for hosts during the eclipse period (today through December 7).

This is a good time to fix on preserving what is good in your life, avoiding or discarding that which is negative, and waiting until at least December 7 to make any major decisions or begin a new undertaking.

If action is required, then be prepared to encounter either negativity or obstacles arising from baser emotions. Remember that the shadow on the Sun only hides what is real. The reality remains so the feeling of being lost in space that can emerge is temporary.

One of Swati’s symbols is coral. If you have ever seen living coral you know it survives and thrives in the ocean, serves as a safe haven for many species of marine life, and is able to regenerate and grow despite tides and currents. Seeing water and marine life in motion in a coral reef can be a calming and positive image for today and the days to come.

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