Chitra Nakshatra

Today’s Moon in Chitra Nakshatra

We are approaching the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in four days. These latter lunar phases generally have less intensity relevant to external forces. This accords well for inner work on renewal, health, and spiritual strengthening during the transit of the Star of Opportunity, Chitra.

Chitra centers on the beautiful white star Spica. White is the color one gets when combining all colors of the rainbow. This reflects the innate potential in purity, emptiness, and blankness. White light shining through a prism breaks into the full spectrum of color.

This is a good time to begin a hobby, a holiday craft, or a lifestyle change focused on natural living. The objective most attainable is one based on a balance of fasting and eating, exercise and rest, attention to self and service to others. Chitra is balanced with 6 degrees and 40 minutes in both Virgo (sign of truth, health and healing) and Libra (sign of Justice, law, and social activities).

Those born under a Chitra Moon feel things more deeply during this time. They are exceptional people with beautiful eyes, well proportioned physiques, and marshal attributes of leadership, initiative, and strategic thinking. Chitra is ruled by Mars and its element is Agni (fire) so it is well-suited to achieve its desire of gaining good karma and honor through work by the use of truth and law.

The caution for today is to be careful of overindulgence in sensual activity. Passions run high under Mars influence and smugness, arrogance, or impulsive physical pleasures may lead to later regrets that compromise integrity and values and harm all parties.

Brilliant conversation is possible today and engaging in such without leading with your ego will produce unity and gains in relationships that far outlast posturing and aggressive pairing. Chitra’s symbol is the pearl, a radiant gem with a soft, calming light energy, but its source is an irritant, a bit of sand, at the heart of an oyster.

We improve ourselves when we transform that which irritates us into lustrous beauty.

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