Hasta, Today’s Lunar Nakshatra

Today’s Moon in Hasta

The Nakshatra Hasta is named with the Sanskrit word for hand. The constellation of five stars represents a raised hand, palm forward, a sign of universal blessings. This auspicious Nakshatra draws on Divine wisdom, inspiring the high-minded will to act.

It is an invitation to do our work and reminds us that our work is to strive to become servants of humanity. This is not slavery, but rather a willingness to put the interests of others ahead of ourselves in all situations. It is the Buddha’s 8-fold path and the Christian’s Golden Rule applied to every aspect of life.

And although this is work with a purpose—service to others in order to raise consciousness and bring about the betterment of all life—it is not for us to claim the fruits of this harvest, nor is it for us to quit simply because we don’t directly receive the fruits of our labor.

If we do our work with a generous heart and set aside the longings of our ego for recognition and reward, then we are benefiting all life. The collective efforts we and others make for the betterment of all—including those who mistreat us—benefits us far more and for far longer than any claim of reward on the moment.

Work done in this manner brings about a decrease in selfishness, evokes forgiveness, and clears the negative karmas of the past.

The Hand’s element is Agni, the original fire that sustains life and motion. In the fixed earth sign of Virgo, where Hasta resides, Agni preserves the earth and work done today that benefits the ecological health (tending to plants, recycling, reducing use of packaged products, cycling or walking rather than driving, and other “green” activities) are especially helpful for all.

The ego is the main obstacle to human progress, and there is no place it is more of a threat than in our work. Our language, focused so much on “I” instead of “we” encourages this trap to spring, locking us into the desire for personal recognition and reward. What is needed is to release all such concerns and just do our work.

If we are asked who we are or what we do, the true answer is we are connected to all life in service to itself as a Divine plan and process regardless of our title.

The God of any religion isn’t some separate, external energy, person, presence, or icon. It is the Agni that burns as energy—eternal and indestructible—within each of us. If you believe in yourself then you believe in the energy that created you. Call it by any name you like, you are describing the Atman, the Divine within.

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