Moon in Uttara Phalguni Today

Indian Peacock by Jatin Sindhi

The Moon passes from Leo into Virgo today as it transits the auspicious Nakshatra Uttara Phalghuni. Ruled by the Sun, Uttara Phalghuni, known as “the Star of Patronage,” consists of one star at the tip of the lion’s tale and the other on the left hand of the virgin.

The shakti of this Nakshatra grants the power to gain wealth through the creative power of marriage and inherently generates gains through partnerships.

The regal point of entry and the purity and practicality of Virgo combine through the planetary rulerships involved. Leo and Uttara Phalguni are both ruled by the Sun while Virgo is ruled by Mercury.

This combination brings focus, the light of truth, and gravitational center of wisdom of the Sun in partnership with curious, quick-thinking, communicative organizer and fun-loving trickster Mercury. The ability to generate ideas in order to gain wealth for creating life in partnership arises from the positive nature of this Nakshatra, while the Moon’s passage, as the stabilizer of the Earth in the Sun’s gravitational field, allows the mind to remain calm and focused if we act with concern for our partners in life balanced with the desires of the self.

Avoiding the needs of others or trying too hard to please them creates anxiety,codependency, and conflict. Narcissism and overindulgence are also effects of the shadow side of this asterism.

The bird symbolizing this Nakshatra, according to Vedic tradition, is the Peacock. In the brilliance of its tail feathers we see all the colors of sunlight. The many-eyed pattern seen in the spread tail feathers was treated as a guardian symbol in cultures from The Mughal Empire to those of Persia and Ancient Greece.

The Peacock males sing during courtship, engaging the voice in a pro creative process that echos the metaphor of creative gain through partnership.

This is a day to begin new projects with your partner, to share in creative activities, or if you are not together, to act independently in a manner that serves to protect the union and build the family reputation through kindness and compassion toward all.

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