Fall Equinox Empowerment

This post is a little late owing to added one-on-one work I committed too. I hope you find it useful.

Although links to seasonal changes are more often associated with the Western Tropical Zodiac (owing to its alignment with the seasons rather than the actual placement of Sun, Moon, and Planets in the signs), the Sidereal Zodiac (used by astronomers, NASA, and the sages of Ancient India in Vedic Astrology) offers insights based on the effects of these placements at the start of the season. See link for details on Tropical vs. Sidereal: https://jyotishamerica.com/2022/03/22/sidereal-or-tropical-the-two-solar-zodiacs/

Reading the moment if the autumnal equinox affords an opportunity with the seasonal change to align ourselves with positive forces awakened by the moment as follows.

The Chart of the 2022 Equinox – 6:04 PM, Thursday, 9/22/2022 Tucson, AZ

Ascendant – Pisces, to see and believe, mutable water sign, negative pole of Jupiter. Marks the ability to see the past and the gains and losses experienced; to integrate those experiences with both what our senses tell us outwardly and what our feelings, imagination, and intuition tell us from within; to see the possibilities for the future not just in this realm but throughout the known and unknown worlds that may exist only as tiny seeds at the back of our conscious awareness.

Jupiter – Retrograde in Pisces. The planet of expansion, abundance, and fun; the great guru; the keeper of the professions (medicine, law, higher education, government, and bestower of boons in all areas of life. In his aspect of Brihaspati Jupiter rules Thursday and is the wise counselor to the powerful and influential.

Hamsa Mahapurusha Yoga — Clearer complexion, skin with a golden luster, sweet and gentle speech. A strong foundation built upon preservation of water. Virtue arising from sating the thirst for knowledge rather than acting impulsively based on the opinions of others. Doing good to others that might lead to new and lasting relationships. This work prepares the ground for a life of physical and material comfort, fun, and expansiveness of the mind.

Take a class, perform some community service, tend to the needs of the body – Ayurvedic or other cleanse, think before speaking and speak only that which is relevant and known to be true from your own experience.

Moon – in 6th house Leo, the fixed fire sign, positive pole ruled by the Sun, has the ability to organize creative activity that sustains life, connects to purpose, reputation, and the exercise of power. Located in the 6th house of health, healing, and service to others.

Moon represents the mind, intellect, emotions, empathy, imagination, and illusion.

Leo is a great friend to the Moon in this placement, reducing the negative physical aspects related to health by cooling them. This is a period for taking time to reflect on one’s thoughts and feelings, to sift them in a way that eliminates fictions we tell ourselves for our own aggrandizement, abandoning futile efforts to reach selfish goals that only reflect our desire to be seen and praised based on circumstances of social status without considering negative consequences or the temporary nature of all achievements.

Be of service or available to serve whenever in the presence of others. Understand that feelings need to be expressed, not repressed, that they represent energy looking for an outlet and will find it eventually no matter how much we resist. Find healthy, creative activities that stretch us and require focus in order to create as clear a channel as possible. Engaging in this as part of a diverse group on this day is especially healing and will have long term positive effects over time.

Suggestion, October is breast cancer awareness month. With the Moon’s connection to Mother and feminine creativity, nourishment, and heartfelt intelligence find a way to be involved in promoting wellness for Women, mothers, and children, particularly in underserved communities. The conjunction with Venus in this house creates cleverness in buying and selling, weaving and gifting of clothing, strength to discover underlying truths in conflicts, and appreciation of poets, florists, and anyone who is working to help us breath clearer air.

Sun—in 7th house, Virgo, mutable earth sign, negative pole of Mercury. Points to the self, to our personal power, the source of all life in the solar system and the sustainer of the same, the only true, natural light source from which all others arise. Sun gives us the power to organize center ourselves and command attention. Located in the 7th house the focus is on relationship both in society and those we are closest to in life both at home and work. This is the house of the life partner.

Sun is the body, the soul, the self, the search for meaning and truth, creative stability, and increasing wisdom through lived experience with eyes wide open.

Virgo is the gardener of the Zodiac. Connected to the earth, it seeks to purify it in order that life can flourish. Detail oriented, intelligent, and flexible, it meets obstacles with patience and persistence and is deeply rooted. Connected to the nervous system and the source of digestive fire that sustains life, Virgo relates to the connection between emotion, nutrition, digestion, and health.

The Sun is conjunct retrograde Mercury in this chart. Mercury is the most curious of planets, highly intelligent and able to intellectually grasp every new idea it encounters. Easily bored, it needs focus and purpose. The self-control imposed by the Sun is valuable and the detail and discipline of Virgo bring Mercury’s impulsiveness under control. Mercury forms a Bhadra Mahapurusha Yoga in this chart. Physical strength and excellent health. A good season for growing an impressive beard. Walking, especially in nature (forest, park, or by water). Think before speaking but then speak sweetly and confidently. Virtue, stability of mind, and judicious behavior that considers consequences will bring better results than impulsive actions no matter how obvious they might appear. Taking some form of pilgrimage in this season further activates the positive qualities.

Undergo a guided cleanse or intermittent fast if you are healthy. Eat locally, preferably fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables. Walk in nature as often as possible for twenty to thirty minutes. Be present for those you are in close relationships with. We all share the same air, water, and light. Seeing this through the eyes of others will help curb actions that are potentially destructive. Listen, hear the deeper meanings conveyed by language through thought, assessing the real from the imagined constantly. Pay attention to body language, both yours and that of others. Be open to diverse ideas even if they frighten you. Try to consider every significant action and its consequences as far forward in time as you are able. By understanding the most and least beneficial outcomes to life overall you can refine your choices and gain more security and serenity during this period.

Significant Lunar Constellations

Moon in Magha, the Star of Power. Moon in this placement seeks to gather resources for future work in life. It gives the power to “leave the body” and visit the realm of our ancestors. It is a time to address repressed grief and loss, to express gratitude for the lives that came before and led to ours, and it is a grounding force for accepting that the energy that when the work is done it (we) return back to energy until the next time the unique qualities we bring into the world are needed again.

Sun in Uttara Phalghuni, the Star of Patronage, the one that seeks prosperity through the marriage partnership, working together as equals, this Star seeks the freedom that comes from finding unity with another as the path that leads to all. We are of the same genetic makeup, the same body formation, the same inner capability as Wise Humans (Homo Sapiens) have been for 250,000 years. Joined here by curious Mercury and discerning Venus.

Jupiter in Uttara Bhadrapadha, the Warrior Star. Jupiter here seeks to have a sensory experience as a body living in the world. The transformative power of Pisces combines with the persistence and patience of Saturn (UB Ruler) to favor activities that bring stability to those areas of the world we have influence over. Building a strong foundation of healthy thoughts, positive and empowering speech, and constructive actions unifies all the parts of our being in order to express every part of ourselves toward our maximum potential.

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  1. Thank you so much for this resource after my reading. I am now totally fascinated with Vedic astrology and pouring over my chart. My new free time passion. I appreciate you keeping me posted Cheryl

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