Special Post—the Death of a Queen

Special Post—the Death of a Queen

Maraka planets (death-causing) align in potentially fatal ways hundreds of times over the course of a lifetime of 33,000 days. But in the hundreds of posthumous charts I have studied, people pass on only when Maraka influence dominates the chart.

Queen Elizabeth II returned to her ancestors today under some of the strongest Maraka influences I have observed.

The Maraka planets are the rulers of the 2nd and 7th houses, planets placed in those houses at birth, and the rulers and planets of houses of length of life, the 3rd and 8th.

In The Queen’s chart these are as follows:

2nd ruler — Saturn

7th ruler — Mercury

3rd ruler — Saturn

8th ruler — Moon

Planets in 2nd — Mars, Jupiter

Planets in 3rd — Venus

Planets in 7th — Rahu

Planets in 8th — Moon

These planets activate by transit (passing through a house), Dasha/Bhukti (the 120 year Vimshottari cycle of activity), and some aspects (places of influence in relation to other planets.

At her death:

-a strong, retrograde Saturn in transit over her 2nd house with a full aspect on the 8th and the natal moon

-the Moon is conjunct Saturn in the second house with the same full aspect

-Jupiter is the strongest Dasha planet at this time and is in the sign of transition (Pisces), conjunct natal Mercury and in mutual aspect with present-day Mercury in Virgo (sign of health and the one of earth in transition)

-Jupiter also aspects natal Moon in the 8th and natal Saturn in the 12th house of grief and loss

-Dasha/Bhukti activity in descending order and duration is symmetrical and all Maraka planets (Jupiter, Rahu, Mercury, Rahu, Jupiter)

-Venus is in transit and combust (overwhelmed) by the Sun in the 9th house letting spirit/consciousness ascend from the material to the energetic realm.

It’s an overwhelming number, but also one dominated by the great benefic Jupiter and invoking the planet of comfort Venus.

I don’t believe Maraka planets can or should be used to predict time of death as they form potentially fatal patterns several times each year. Usually our own actions keep us safe. However, seeing them in retrospect helps me to take comfort in the overall justice of karmic cause and effect and the importance of consciously striving to act with kindness for the betterment of all living things,

Rest In Peace, Queen Elizabeth.

One thought on “Special Post—the Death of a Queen

  1. It really is an overwhelming number. I appreciate your helpful explanation of how these Maraka influences impact one’s chart. And how they are not necessarily predictors of one’s death, but in retrospect does elucidate one’s death.


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