Related Work

In addition to my work as an astrologer, it’s also my great privilege to be associated with Book Oblivion, an online company where we read, study, and discuss great works of philosophy, rhetoric, and literature.

I’ve been an instructor, working with owner and founder Jessica Schad Manuel since 2018. My first course, The Himalayas of Literature, in its fourth year, has continued to grow from the original six titles: Infinite Jest, The Waves, Recognitions, Gravity’s Rainbow, 2666, and Finnegans Wake.

This year we are reading Salman Rushdie’s novel Shame all through February and in October/November we will study Eknath Eswaren’s Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living.

For more information on The Himalayas of Literature original course see the links below:

Hari Om!

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