February 6, 2022

Ashwini — Quickly, Quickly

By the time most read this post the Moon will have completed this period’s transit through the first of its houses, Ashwini.

For me, each monthly passage through Ashwini marks a period of renewal of faith—faith in my life and purpose, faith in the need to offer what aid or comfort I may be able to bring to the world, faith in the unity of some unknowable force that exists outside of the senses that led to the organization of matter from energy to form the universe.

It’s a time to resolve to better appreciate all the gifts of life and to use them to sustain the eternal nature—call it Divine, loving, compassionate, untainted by any need for any one of us, but utterly dependent on all of us as we are the fruit of the laws that sustain the epic cycles of creation and dissolution. I don’t say destruction because nothing really can ever be destroyed.

The substance of everything is energy, motion, movement. Slow the energy down and it clumps into matter. Speed it up and it eventually flies apart in smaller and smaller bits moving faster and faster until it is pure, invisible energy with no attachment to any one thing but containing the potential to become everything.

To be a conscious entity with some degree of freedom to appreciate the universe fills me with both awe and gratitude.

Ashwini is the star of transport. It contains the power to quickly reach a goal or objective. It’s action in the unconscious realms of existence is to bring the raw potential for remedies that cure any physical, mental, or spiritual difficulty, illness, injury, or loss. And in the conscious realm it uses all of us to deliver the remedies to those in need.

We are a community, a unity, made from and connected over time and space to everything. In every way, what we think, say, and do moves us nearer to bringing about this universal awareness to every living thing. Grass knows it without our needing to speak, using seeds to start a new plant that then growing underground via rhizomes to spread as far as water and soil allow. Not as individual blades, but as the topmost layer of a networked underground community of plant and animal life that coexists in complete harmony for as long as sunshine and water permit.

We are in an important period of transition where we are being challenged to grow like grass, in harmony with the world, both feeding on it and giving back to it.

The English poet John Donne said none of us is an island. We are all part of the world body. When the body grows ill, so do we. When the body is strong, so are we. Quickly, quickly now, remember this and bring the healing remedies back to consciousness to share them with everyone.

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