Arta Houses — Resources for the New Year

00:00:00 01 January 2022 Tucson, Arizona

The chart for the start of 2022 serves to remind us of the fundamental principle for leveraging our individual and collective energies. We must accept 100% responsibility for everything that happens on our lives. Every event is the product of karma accumulated by us over millennia. No one does anything to us that we didn’t participate in creating and allowing. If we deny this principle than we negate free will and portray ourselves as helpless victims. That level of meaninglessness flies in the face of our discoveries, of our conscious development and growth, and removes any incentive to continue our existence.

If you choose to deny your right and reason to exist then the remainder of this post isn’t likely to change your mind. For the rest, the chart gives a clear map for how we should approach the New Year.

1. The year begins with the Ascendant in Virgo, the mutable earth sign that marks the tilling of fallow ground for planting a new crop.

2. The idea of newness and growth is also reflected in ascendant ruler Mercury’s pairing with Saturn, the judge of karma and keeper of time, in moveable earth sign Capricorn in the house of creative intelligence, investments, romance, friends, and comfort.

3. The likelihood of success is found by the placement of an exalted Rahu in the 9th house, the practical, intelligent, fixed earth sign Taurus.

4. That this year will be transformative is seen by the Kala Sara yoga formed by Rahu and Ketu on an axis from the 9th house of good fortune, spiritual aspiration, higher education,and dharma to the 3rd house of personal power in Scorpio, sign of deep research, protective action, sexual desire (strongest procreative survival power), and dualistic judgement.

5. Virgo in the ascendant indicates our priority is health and healing. Mercury’s placement points to creative solutions coming from the source of our illness. The Rahu/Ketu axis indicates this healing goes much deeper than defeating a virus. It is transformative and transcendent healing we are seeking and require if it is to last.

6. The 1st house, with 40 Ashkatavarga points is the strongest in the chart, followed by the 3rd with 33 points. Our bodies are up to the task of fulfilling our passionate desire to heal.

7. We find the resources for healing in Arta houses 2, 6, and 10.

8. The 2nd house is Libra, the sign of activism and social reform. Under the rule of a retrograde Venus in the 4th, this tells we need healing through caring for one another. We are all children of the same mother, the earth, and her health is also dependent on forgiving past grievances and finding common cause that we strong,y support. Again, it’s about much more than the pandemic. It’s about restoring the whole of humankind to a state of recognizing we are all part of the same family, worthy of unconditional love and respect.

9. The 6th house of health and service is occupied by abundant, expansive Jupiter in Aquarius, the sign that wants to pour healing energy on the whole world. Jupiter rules the core houses of home and marriage in this chart and points to the need for beginning our service and path back to wellness in our own familial relationships. This house is weak and it will be incumbent on all of us to give as much selfless service as we can in order to strengthen it. Otherwise we are subject to losses from illness, accidents, violence, and theft.

10. Finally, the third Arta house is the 10th, Gemini, the flexible, curious, communicator with great technical skills in the house of career and reputation. Gemini needs focus, consistency, and humor as it generates ideas and organizes information for the work ahead of us.

2022 offers the opportunity for a new beginning and a harvest of hope and caring as seen by the Moon-ruled Cancer in the 11th house of gains. The Moon itself, posited in Scorpio, has the attitude of a mother bear protecting cubs with this placement and we will do well to remind ourselves of this often whenever we engage in actions that harm others or the earth itself. Between the sting in the tail and the bear’s claws, we have a strong incentive to heed the guidance written in 2022’s birth map.

May your New Year be filled with peace, love, and a coming together on behalf of the earth and one another. The brightest future lies that way and no other.

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