Dharma Houses — for Body, Mind, and Spiritual Growth

Dharma Houses

Houses 1, 5, 9 in the chart are the Dharma houses. Dharma is the universal law, the evolutionary order of consciousness and life, the journey from energy to matter cycling toward release from any attachment to either. Dharma is the Divine thought outside space-time that made the sound of the sacred aum and produced the universe.

When we align with our Dharmic role, the karma we possess and create finds balance, and we become aware of our wholeness with all things. Life in the body is more fulfilling. The conscious and unconscious integration of the mind begins. The spirit expands and we begin the journey toward Moksha, ultimate freedom without attachment to anything. This is the reward of universal love.

1st house expresses Physical, kinetic Dharma of the body, the Atman or soul energy incarnating as a sensory being.

5th house expresses Intellectual, creative Dharma of the mind, the ideation and power to reshape our karma and bring balance to the world.

9th house expresses Spiritual aspiration and ambition, the desire to dissolve all boundaries through resolution of karmic debt and giving karmic credit back to the world in order to achieve a state of omniscient, omnipresent, eternal love, to become the giver and receiver and reunite with the creative consciousness that set us free to live in the world.

Each sign and element affects the relationship to Dharma according to its placement in these three houses. These are the tools of karmic work to fulfill Dharma imperatives.

Whatever element is in 1st house will also be part of 5th and 9th. Depending on their placements the elements will create, preserve, or clear either body, mind, or the spiritual essence of us.

By way of example: Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) with Aries as creative fire in 1st, Leo as fixed fire in 5th, and Sagittarius as changeable fire in 9th create an outgoing person with a strong body, eager to build life from the ground up by independent deeds or by leading others. The person has a strong creative vision that sustains and motivates them, along with a highly creative mind, capable of sustained effort, especially in relation to romance, investing, and building a legacy for their children to inherit. They have the most ambitious spiritual goals and enthusiastically promote them with intelligence and fervor for the Divine possibilities.

Move Leo to the Ascendant and a regal presence, confident, standing at the center of their own world and drawing all eyes toward them comes through. Their passion will be the creative acquisition of wealth through investing. They will commit fully to their romantic partner and suffer if necessary to sustain the relationship. Their spiritual life will involve leading others to embrace their beliefs, defending fiercely and with great leadership and skill against any who attack or resist their ideas, but they do so out of love, not anger. They see the path to salvation and will not stop until they remove every obstacle, even tearing all that they have previously built to pieces.

With Sagittarius on the Ascendant, the person seeks to possess all good things and transform all opposition through love, laughter, and movement. A big presence is seen here, who has come not to save the world but to burn it to ashes in order for a better one to rise up from the ruin. They have good money karma, creating growth in creative investments, through organized planning and swift, aggressive execution of their ideas. The way they solve problems is with overwhelming force. They are happiest when learning and teaching their passions, seeing the work of past generations as having generated the ideal conditions for healing the world and freeing everyone. Their enthusiasm for grand scales and notable personal achievements comes from extreme confidence that burns like Sun in their faces.

We can do similar generalizing for the earth, air, and water elements and use the information to construct a ground of being for any chart, and then apply planetary placements to see the difficulties and opportunities for maximizing the elemental potential.

Tomorrow we will look at Arta houses, those that allow for the gathering of resources to activate karma in service of the Dharma.

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