Surya — the Sun Today

Surya Namaskar

Double Sun Day

Venus and Moon in Sun-ruled Nakshatras.

I woke to drizzle today, but it’s now 9 AM and bright sunlight has begun to penetrate the thinning cloud cover. (No, this isn’t the opening to some MFA-inspired fiction piece. It just happens to begin with weather).

It’s Sunday, the day the Vedas invoke Surya (the Sun) as the giver and sustainer of life, Illuminator of Truth with a capital T, and the center of gravity around which all other planets and their energies are organized.

The placement of the Sun by sign and house in one’s natal chart indicates the overall purpose of the soul’s journey through the current lifetime, the principle activities of one’s education, the fixed fire that sustains us through many years, and the dominant shaper of our body.

As the ruler of Regal Leo, the natural sign of our creative power and intelligence, children, friends, investments, comfort, and romantic love, Sun connects to some energetic property of every other planet. As the positive force of the 6th Chakra it balances the emotions and sits below the crown Chakra at the third-eye or Anja.

One if the most powerful yoga Asanas is called Surya Namaskar (greeting the Sun) and is the foundation of many yogic movements and postures. This powerful practice quiets the mind, strengthening the breath (life force or Prana), and allows the body to align its daily rhythms with the solar journey.

Today is an especially auspicious day for solar power (the kind that affects our soul journey). Retrograde Venus and the Moon are both in Sun-ruled Nakshatras. In Uttara Ashadha Venus gains permanent victory. Moon in Uttara Phalghuni accumulates gains from marriage and relatives. Remember to aspire to do good for all without attachment to the fruit of the work. The Sun will illuminate your Truth and turn action into growth and preservative power for all of life.

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