Retrograde Transits of Venus

Retrograde Venus Until January 29, 2022

When a planet is retrograde it means its apparent motion as seen from earth is backwards. This is caused by the varying speeds and size of planetary orbits. The retrograde planet only orbits in one direction but as it overtakes or is overtaken in relation to another planet it will seem to slow, stop, and then move the opposite direction until the arc of the respective orbits shows it moving forward again.

These reversals in a natal chart can indicate strong karma from a past life or significant work to be completed in the current one. They can point to second chances or to external forces seeking to balance some past action. Retrograde planets have been called difficult but perhaps a better word would be emphatic and noteworthy for the attention they will demand.

Think about any energetic action from mixing batter for pancakes to the thrust of a jet engine. Stopping and reversing direction draws attention. If in fact there is no reversal then it can seem like a simple, harmless illusion. But consider an energy like sound. As a loud object approaches us the Doppler effect shortens the spaces between sound waves. The pitch goes higher and louder, peaks as it passes us, and then recedes. Light, and all other wave forms behave in the same fashion.

Now imagine a Doppler effect that builds and recedes and the because of a change in speed or angle of arc repeats. If you’re trying to have a conversation, the interruptions in frequency can make it difficult to hear one another. If the conversation involves planning, an argument, or an apology, meanings can be misconstrued and confusion, chaos, division, and even conflict may result.

The only sensible thing is to wait for the effect to resolve and recede before resuming the conversation and certainly before acting on what you think you heard.

The retrograde planets in a birth chart can be viewed as residual effects of impatient or impulsive actions in the past in whatever house they appear.

Retrograde transits, as we are currently experiencing with Venus through Capricorn and Sagittarius between now and January 29, 2022, create these same effects on a shorter time scale. In terms of personal influence, Venus as a planet of beauty, love, discernment, comfort, luxury, need, lust, wealth, and with a long memory for harm done is often a mirror of bad choices during retrograde periods. Misunderstandings between couples, contractual partners, and losses associated with the houses affected in one’s personal chart may crop up during this period.

Patience and understanding are critical before taking any significant actions under the influence of Venus retrograde.

On a global level, this retrograde is in the presence of Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn and then in Jupiter’s spiritual and evangelistic sign of Sagittarius. These are the same signs that dominated the initial spread of Covid-19 in early 2020. We also see this retrograde happening under a powerful Kala Sarpa yoga, where Rahu/Ketu are in their signs of exaltation. Rahu in particular is in Venus ruled Taurus. Rahu’s primary effect is confusion and its presence in Taurus, normally a stable, grounded force of practical conservatism, can lead to extremes of thought and action that fly in the face of reason with long-lasting and unpleasant consequences.

During this time the best advice is patience, following advice that is tried and repeatedly leads to a favorable outcome, and listening to learn and understand from the best minds available combined with real world experience. It is not a time to be rebel or to take high risk actions.

Conversely, acting in accordance with natural and reasonable potential can bring advances or strengthen existing positions under Venus influence.

Enjoy the holidays, but be wise in all your actions. Depending where Venus transits your personal chart you will see, hear, feel, or otherwise experience the effects of this transit. For more details on your personal chart, you can reach out to me at

Om shum shukrya namahah!

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