Ashlesha — the Coiled Serpent

Moon in Ashlesha — the Clinging Star

Ruled by Mercury and comprising the last 13 degrees 20 minutes of Cancer, Ashlesha’s symbol of a coiled snake and its mystical intellect make it both mysterious and often feared. Its shakti is the power to poison the enemy, but like most serpents, only attacks when provoked.

Motivated by Dharma, Ashlesha seeks to penetrate the mysterious source of the universe and its power. Associated with kundalini energy, the coiled force of serpent fire at the base of the spine, Ashlesha can awaken psychic ability leading to electrifying spiritual enlightenment.

Explorations of the mind through philosophical, intellectual, and independent study; a deeply sensual nature; and intense sensitivity to any form of personal attack or criticism are qualities of this intense energetic asterism. The extremes of behavior for those born under Ashlesha Moon range from the peaceful non-resistance but with lifelong dietary struggles of Mahatma Gandhi to the sexually explicit (some would say exploitive) entrepreneurial work of publisher Larry Flynt.

Ashlesha does its best when it appreciates and sees reality for what it is rather than trying to force it to conform to what it wants it to be.

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