Renewal and Nourishment from Punarvasu and Pushya

Sunrise, December 21, 2021

Punarvasu and Pushya — Star of Renewal and Star of Nourishment

We begin the day with the waning gibbous moon in Punarvasu. Symbolized by two chariots, this Nakshatra has the power to achieve objectives or obtain wealth and substance. Bridging the air sign Gemini and water sign Cancer, it brings the two most important life-giving elements for growth under the rulership of Intelligent Mercury and Nourishing Moon in the two signs.

The Nakshatra itself is ruled by abundant, expansive Jupiter, who has its point of exaltation in Cancer. Strength in communication and life changes of a positive nature may occur under this auspicious asterism.

Pushya, ruled by Saturn and entirely contained in Moon-ruled Cancer, is the most nourishing of the lunar mansions. It’s deity, or avatar of God, is Brihaspati, one of Jupiter’s names. The great benefic planet is exalted here. This Nakshatra is the central placement for creating spiritual knowledge and learning. It’s a good placement for large-scale actions that benefit many people.

Jupiter and Saturn have been traveling through Sagittarius, Capricorn, and soon Aquarius in close proximity for several years. They recently completed their once in 20 years close conjunction. As the protectors of the inner solar system, sweeping many potentially destructive asteroids into their cloudy depths, the two Nakshatras of today are getting an extra boost of cosmic love and protection.

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