Moon in Ashlesha

Today the Moon is found in the Nakshatra Ashlesha, 9th of the 27 Lunar houses. Contained entirely within the constellation Cancer and ruled by the planet Mercury, this powerful Nakshatra is an aspect of the Vedic Nagas, the deity Serpas with the shakti or power to inject enemies with poison.

If we put aside our innate fear of snakes we discover that the presence of Ashlesha’s energy is both empowering and positive for achieving good results from our actions.

Foremost, Ashlesha is associated with Dharma, the first of the four aims of life leading to ultimate freedom. Dharma is simply the path of least resistance in aligning with the highest goals of consciousness—gaining freedom from all restriction and making connection with all of creation—and Ashlesha used toward positive actions even in relation to difficult situations is a great ally.

The constellation Cancer is ruled by the Moon, representing the mind, emotions, and nourishment. Mercury, Ashlesha’s ruling planet, also has strong associations with the mind, intellect, ability to collect and organize information, speed, curiosity, and in combination with the Moon can stimulate creative intuition and have a hypnotic focus.

The eyes of the serpent, penetrating, able to freeze its target and to see deep within to the energetic center, and to gather that energy in its coils in order to prevail in nearly any conflict are a combination that make Ashlesha both respected and feared,

The ability to beguile, a tendency to lie if it serves an end, to suffer nervous disorders, and to misuse the psychic wisdom of the Nagas are the traps for those who avail themselves of Ashlesha energy without awareness of Dharma’s desire for the highest good.

One of the most important habits to develop when invoking Ashlesha energy is one of gratitude toward the target so that the coils wrap the energy of the moment in love, using poison only for the defense of higher purposes. Mindful awareness, intellect with kindness, and recognition that an enraged serpent is also a danger to its own existence can turn the shakti of Ashlesha toward the creation of a more positive outcome in all situations.

There are inevitable moments in life when we face conflict and find ourselves coiled and ready to strike at the next provocation. Developing the habit of gratitude, not just today but always, allows us to feel the strength of the serpent’s power and project it through intellectual and creative focus without the need of a poisonous bite.

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