Pushya, Today’s Moon House

Today’s Moon House

Today the Moon entered the Nakshatra of Pushya, also known a the nourishing star. Contained within the constellation Cancer, Pushya carries some of the most nourishing energies in the Vedic Zodiac.

In the Rig Veda this Nakshatra was known as Tishya, the celestial archer. Many stories from the Vedas celebrate archers as the protectors and nourishers of all life. Pushya’s shakti or power is the ability to harness spiritual energy. Through a combination of worshipful sacrifice on behalf of the people, Pushya desires to light the splendor of the spiritual light within all.

The result of the achievement of this desire is the creation of spiritual energy, the soul sustaining fire of existence.

As we in the USA gather with friends and loved ones for the Thanksgiving holiday, Pushya serves as a reminder that we, all of us, are the people created by the condensation of the energy of creation, because of positive, protective nourishment from our parents, families, communities, and our own actions.

Whether you are with your loved ones or missing them, the light of the heart can warm you and keep you safe as the sacrifices of those who protect and feed us, both people and all other living beings, fill our thoughts and tables.

Pushya as part of Cancer is in the Moon’s home sign, and the Moon is the planetary significator for mother in all forms. May we all be thankful for those who nourish and care for us throughout our lives and offer the acquired spiritual energy gathered in Pushya to illuminate the hearts of those suffering a lack of sustenance.

Remember that matter is condensed energy so we are not simply offering thoughts in our desire. By illuminating the energy of spirit, the heart opens and we are able to share our material “matter” as well.

Pushya’s element is water, and the plant is the sacred fig or Bodhi tree. Some of these trees live over 2500 years! When we give water to plants or food to people we are perpetuating the light of life. Pushya is excellent energy for the start of a new season of giving and togetherness.

More on Pushya next month when the Moon again enters this nourishing protector.

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