Thanksgiving — from a Grateful Vedic Astrologer


On this Thanksgiving holiday my prayer is for an awareness of how miraculous life is and how important each of us are to the collective continuity of the processes that support all of Life.

As I write this a stellium of planets (Venus, Mercury, Moon, and Sun) are in Scorpio. That brings the Source and sustenance of life, the Sun, into the sign of gathering all energies available to us and holding it until the inherent wisdom unfolds the best use of each energetic element. Scorpio acts strategically, constantly assessing the moment against past experiences in order to conserve its strength for times when strong action will have the greatest positive impact on the overall Life process. Actions of gratitude for Life and the lives we are privileged to be near are strongly supported today.

Of the other three planets in Scorpio, Venus wins the “planetary war” with Mercury bringing discernment, a sense of authenticity, desire for comfort, joy, and pleasures of association with loved ones. Mercury, curious and impulsive, slows enough under Sun/Venus influence to bring out its idealism and enthusiasm for life. This infectious and youthful joy is perfect for celebrating with those we love.

Moon is still depleted but in a day or two will gather strength to brighten toward the December full Moon in a couple of weeks. Saturday May be a better day to get out into the early holiday bustle compared to Friday.

There is a full Mars and Jupiter aspect on Scorpio. Mars is retrograde in Taurus, linking it to Venus (Ruler of Taurus) to help us take practical action. Consider needs versus wants and especially needs of others over personal desires to use Mars’s enormous retrograde strength for good karma.

Jupiter in its own transformative sign of Pisces brings unlimited possibilities for expansion but needs help understanding the difference between aspirations that are fantasies and those with imminent possibilities for manifesting. One area that is always available to grow and bring transcendent healing is through kindness toward others and ourselves.

I’m thankful today for all who have followed these postings this past year, and for the many among you who have allowed me to read your Vedic charts and share the gifts of Life as seen in the nature we are all part of.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the living beings everywhere.

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