Saturn, the Great Malefic (a misnomer) Part 5

Saturn backlit by Sunlight

Surya’s chariot parked in close conjunction to Shani’s orbit and the Sun looked at the ringed one. Shani’s rings glistened, capturing the Sun’s light and cutting a sharp edge of shadow and substance around the cloud-banded bulk of the planet’s body.

“Welcome, father,” Saturn said, fixing his eyes on the distant darkness beyond his parent’s imposing mass. “Before you say anything, please be at ease. I’ve learned to control my gaze and will never again use my power to utterly destroy.”

The Sun nodded.

“What will you do then, my son? With so much potential you might even take my throne one day.”

“I’ve no such ambitions. I rather like being here at the edge of your realm, watching the procession of life in its journey to know its Divine Nature. Leave me here and we will remain at peace.”

“And what have you seen so far, Saturn?”

“Everything, father. From the dawn of creation of everything to the tiniest expressions of life in the wink of an eye. The cycle of birth and growth, decline and death, decay and rebirth. It’s truly grand…but…”

The Sun, filled to near capacity with pride in Shani’s maturing now saw that his banished child was troubled.

“What is it, son? Why are you sad?”

“It’s such a struggle for so many. Karma, I know, is necessary to maintain balance and allow for growth, but the threads are so tangled and the timescale so long that not one of the life forms I have watched is capable of understanding it. So they keep making the same errors over and over: acts of selfishness for personal gain, harming one another without remorse, blinded by the desires arising from interactions with matter so that there is general ignorance of both the temporal nature of matter and the eternal nature of energy. Worst of all, a failure to recognize the interconnection of everything into a conscious whole, so that even tiny actions directed outward by individual ego harms the true self to which everything belongs. I have been guilty of all of these offenses, too. But I am no longer ignorant of the problem. I want to help.”

The Sun took a moment to lock eyes with his son as Shani stayed motionless, holding back as much of the force of his gaze as possible. A few spots arise on the Sun’s surface and both averted their eyes.

“My dear child, your heart is so good,” Surya said. “I’ve come here because both of your mothers, she who is my wife and her shadow who carried and bore you, are in agreement with a plan I have.”

And the Sun explained all to his son who readily agreed.

So Saturn become the ruler of time, to keep life aware of its fleeting nature and to see the value of every moment.

Aware of all of karma’s tendrils, Saturn used his modified powers to teach all living things to aspire to be kind to all of creation, to never intentionally harm another, to make amends whenever accidental hurt was inflicted, to give selflessly to any in need, and to persevere in all of these actions through the difficulties, obstacles, delays, and pain Saturn placed in the path of all true seekers that they might prove the truth if their learning through lifetimes.

Through this they proved their sincerity and depth of desire, height of aspiration, and commitment to universal knowledge and truth of the interconnectedness of every living being.

And when Saturn’s gaze fell on malefactors, it was always tempered to get the offender’s attention without utterly destroying anyone. To those who took heed of these pokes and pricks, learned the lessons and corrected course, infinite second chances were given.

The Sun and Saturn remained at a safe distance and occasionally disagreed on the right course of action from time to time. That is the nature of all living things, even great beings such as Surya and Shani. But they serve their purpose well for each of us. Day by day, under the light of the Sun and tutelage of Saturn, we advance, and by sharing with others of our abundance and learning we help all of life to advance.

And as for Hanuman, he who helped young Shani gain control over his gaze and restored his burnt body to health and ringed splendor, the Cosmic Monkey thrives on the homage of his followers and the gifts brought to him on Saturdays.

Hanuman and Saturn remain fast friends to this day and wise persons always think of them both when receiving benefit or instruction from either.

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