Today — Light a Candle

Today’s Moon — January 30, 2022

The Moon is nearing its fully dark phase (overnight January 31 and February 1) and is presently in the Nakshatra Purva Ashadha in Sagittarius. Jupiter and Venus are planetary rulers for this placement. Venus has just come out of retrograde and there is potential for increased comfort and some easing of old resentments. Purva Ashadha, the “Invincible Star,” at this stage is likely to stimulate the unconscious mind and reveal hidden talents and ambitions.

Under the influence of expansive Jupiter and discerning Venus this is a time of opportunity, to combine reason with the unconscious irruption and see that these talents contain the duality of the soul. Like radioactive ore capable of nuclear fission, we may choose to use our gifts to build power plants or bombs, to bring light and hope as truth or destroy ourselves in an instant.

All of this energy exists on the cosmic and individual level, but the product of collective individual action ultimately determines the effects we will experience. By choosing light every time, little by little we can alter the divisive trends that threaten our civilization.

Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, all humanity is united by our potentials for good or ill. The original sin in the Christian theology was a minor dalliance compared to the atrocities to be laid at our feet in recent centuries and ongoing to the present.

Seize the day, discover a hidden ambition or talent, filter it through the best of who you are and let it emerge as love for humanity with the new moon. See how those around you notice and over time begin to echo the love and compassion you demonstrate. These small decisions by individuals light the candles that can forever banish darkness.

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