Moon Journaling—January 11, 2022

Waxing Gibbous 69%

Today’s waxing gibbous Moon is 69% illuminated in the Nakshatra Bharani. Ruled by Venus and contained within Mars-ruled Aries, Bharani’s identification as the star of restraint comes from the intersection of aggressive, desirous, sexual urges found whenever Mars and Venus combine. Learning to restrain the impulse to abandon responsibility for pleasure is one of the ways we gain control of the senses and allow the intellect to direct our actions toward achievements of merit. (Note to those shaking their heads: restraint is not abstinence, but is the path of appropriateness of time and place).

Returning to our traffic signal metaphor, for the next six days the Moon will increase in apparent size and brightness, culminating in its full phase on January 17. We are crossing the roadway with traffic, but it is not a deserted country lane we traverse. It is a broad boulevard fueled by materialism and super-charged technology. To get distracted now is to put ourselves in harm’s way should some fellow traveler be simultaneously inattentive at the point where collision is possible.

Restraint means to keep our attention on the task at hand, to move with deliberation and speed without haste to safely make our crossing. There is time for everything and no need to multitask when our present action requires full attention for not only our safety, but the well-being of those around us. (If you’re reading this on a phone while crossing the street, please put your phone away until you get to the other side).

The intersection of Venus and Mars is auspicious for amorous creativity and overcoming procrastination, but only when we are able to restrain our impulses and attend to our duties and responsibilities first. Otherwise, we may spend years recovering from the negative effects of an ill-timed collision brought about by our distraction and haste. Everything from traffic accidents, decay due to neglect, unwanted pregnancies, and a cascade of related consequences arise due to lack of restraint, which isn’t a choking back, but rather giving the intellect an opportunity to assist us in sound judgments. If you believe intellectual capacity is lacking or over-rated you’ve probably neglected yours and it is eagerly waiting to welcome you back! Like Cassandra of Troy, it simply wants to be heard.

Bharani has the power to advance us on our life path and bring us achievements when we exercise restraint, or to take away everything if we are reckless or impatient in seeking the fulfillment of desire. When impatience arises, focus on the people and objects around you and consider the possible consequences before acting. Intelligent restraint makes one master of their world.

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